16. the big tourney game

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After Jay and Carlos's very deep talk last night, they went upstairs to Carlos's room and got their homework done, soft, calm music playing loudly enough to get them to focus on the work. It lasted a good 4 hours until they stopped so they could order a few pizzas as a count of dinner and also take a study break.

They watched a random show until a few 6 slices of pizza made them full, saving the rest for tomorrow. And then, 2 more hours of homework was completed and they officially turned of the lights for good, their pyjamas on and their day clothes scattered on the floor.

The boxes of pizza were at the end of the bed, along with Dude who was sleeping by Carlos's feet, nuzzled into the blankets comfortably. On the other hand, for Jay and Carlos, they were resting with eachother's arms around one another, both feeling secure as they slept calmly. Jay's arms were around Carlos's waist, and Carlos's hands were resting on top of Jay's bare chest, his face cuddled into his neck. The blankets were mostly on Carlos, and Jay was laying mostly bare, the blankets only going around his torso and the top of his thighs, the rest mounted on Carlos.

And although they were both longing for the night to be a bit longer than usual, morning time came quick, and the sun was shining through the red curtains Carlos had as his color scheme, creating a dark neon red. When Carlos stirred around in the bed, he expected to be held tighter, but he just rolled around in an empty bed; with no Jay in it. He shot up immediately, starting to panic when horrible thoughts came into mind.

What if Jay left during the night because he wasn't very fond of Carlos's outburst on him last night?

That didn't sound like something Jay would ever do to Carlos, but the small boy was surely starting to wonder if it was true. To make sure, he threw the covers off of him and ran out of the room and down the stairs, basically sprinting, and rushed to the kitchen.

Indeed, Jay wasn't gone, he was making breakfast, stirring something in a pan while humming. Carlos's heartbeat slowed down and he took a deep breath, calming himself down, "I thought you left me." Carlos said.

Jay didn't look up from what he was doing, "Why would I do that?"

Carlos shrugged, taking a few steps towards him and then stopping when je was only a foot away, "I don't know. Maybe you didn't like my sudden outburst on you last night and decided to leave." Carlos stared at him with an expectant look, hoping to get the answer he wanted. Jay stared at him, face blank with no emotion shown.

The silence was cut short when Jay dropped the spatula, walking towards Carlos and cupping his face in his hands, pulling him his face closer to his and kissing the smaller boy, who widened his eyes at the sudden form of contact. Out of utter shock, he leaned back, eyebrows raised as he stared down at Jay's moving lips, not being able to kiss back. So when Jay pulled away, Carlos was staring at him weirdly.

"What was that?" He asked, confused.

Jay raised an eyebrow, "Did you not like it?" He tilted his head and stared at Carlos.

"No, it's not that. It was just... unexpected, that's all." Carlos muttered, looking anywhere except at Jay.

Jay looked at him, unsure but shrugged it off anyway, "Want breakfast? We can take our time; it's like early 6 something." He looked up at the clock, "Yeah, we have plenty of time at our hands." He smiled that charming smile, making Carlos weak at his knees.

"Sure, why not?" Carlos mentally shook his head. He was feeling quite odd at the moment, and he wasn't able to shake off the feeling. He watched as Jay ran his hand through his long, brunette hair, looking ever so relaxed. "Don't you have that big tourney game today?" Carlos asked, hopping onto the counter, dangling his legs back and forth.

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