chapter twenty-nine

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Carlos's eyes fluttered open, the sun hitting his cheek. He groaned silently, nuzzling his head further into the pillow, a strand of his white hair falling out of place. He ignored it, but after a second it was brushed out of his way, making him open his eyes, taking in the sight of a smiling Jay, whose hand was currently brushing his messy hair out of his way.

"Good morning, baby."

Baby, I like that. Carlos smiled at how it sounded, "Good morning," He whispered back, pressing his cheek against the fabric of the pillow.

Jay scooted closer to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek, almost on his lip, "I love this. Love you." Jay said, staring into his eyes.

Carlos blushed, "I love you, too."

"Yeah?" Carlos nodded. "So that date is still on?"

"Of course, what do you think?" Carlos furrowed his brows, slowly leaning into the touch.

Jay shrugged, "I don't know. But I already have it planned, it was all thought off when we were... y'know." Carlos blushed even harder. Jay laughed quietly, "Oh, baby, I missed that." His hand moved to the back of Carlos's neck, playing with the shorter hairs.

Carlos grabbed at Jay's wrist with a soft hold, "I don't wanna go back to Ben." Carlos whispered.

Jay's smile dropped, "Then don't."

"And what do I do if he tries to come back for me and rapes me again?" Carlos peered.

"He's not. Trust me. I'm getting that covered." Jay said, starting to massage his shoulders.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Just trust me, baby." Jay whispered, "Trust me, can you do that?" Carlos nodded, "Good, he won't mess with you anymore. And I'll be the only man in your life."

Carlos giggled, "Who said I was going to you?"

Jay smacked his lips and rolled his eyes, "Okay, I get it, you don't love me anymore." He removed his hand and turned around.

"No, Jay, no!" Carlos started laughing, trying to get him to turn back around, "I do, I do love you." Jay didn't budge at Carlos's tug. He sighed and wrapped his around Jay's torso, hiding his face in Jay's back, "Babyyy," Carlos whined, pressing a kiss to his warm back, which was covered in scratches from last night, it made him blush.

"I do love you. Not Ben. Never Ben. Only you, the only man in my life." Carlos stated, not looking up.

"I love you, too."

They fell asleep.


"I do have to go and get ready for our date, you know that, right, babe?" Carlos asked, hands cupping Jay's cheeks.

"Yeah, you do, but I don't want you to," Jay said, kissing Carlos's fingers.

"For your information, you were the one that asked me out on a date," Carlos said, giving Jay a look.

Jay shrugged, "I was in a high," Carlos raised a brow, "You looked oddly delicious," He winked, suddenly being very flirty, but his expression turned back to normal, "Stop doing that. Stop being so delicious, it feels like I'm on a high because my baby looks hot as hell."

Carlos smiled, pecking Jay's lips, "It's physically impossible for me to stop being so delicious. I don't know how to stop, I don't even know that I'm being delicious."

"Yes, you do, you tease." Jay accused, glaring, "You know exactly what you do to me."

Carlos shook his head, "Nope, sorry, babe, doesn't ring a bell." He smiled as Jay's arms wrapped themselves around his petite waist, leaning back so that he was resting on his stomach.

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