02. the next day

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THE NEXT DAY, right after Carlos's run in with Jayden, his mood had changed completely. It went from 'the breakup blues' to 'revenge is sweet.'

Jay had made it sound like he had the plan all figured out: how it was going to start, how it was going to make Benjamin feel, and to how it was going to build up.

But the thing that really intrigued the broken-hearted teen was how it was going to end.

Either it was going to end in flames, or with Jay and Carlos being super close. Right now, all hopes were held high to the reason that the two boys would end up becoming close friends, and not ending in flames.

From a different point of view, the two had just swapped numbers, right after they met! For all Carlos knew, Jay could turn out to be a serial killer! But the other part of his brain told him that if he's not a serial killer right now, then he won't be a serial killer later on in life.

At least that's what Carlos is hoping for.

That other part of my brain is the one that I trust the most, Carlos thought.

Right after Carlos woke up, he instantly got ready so that two of his best friends, Evie and Mal could pick him up to go to Starbucks and get their morning round of coffee.

He stripped out of his pajamas, grabbing his outfit that contained his regular color scheme of black, white, and red. He grabbed his side bag as he headed out the door of his room and down the stairs.

"Morning, Mother." Carlos greeted

His Mother smiled back and replied with a 'hello' and continued to eat her breakfast and watch whatever she was watching on the large TV.

"Evie and Mal picking you up?" She asked, still not looking away from the TV.

"Yeah. We're going for Starbucks and then we're heading out to school." Carlos explained.


"That's them! I'll see you after school, Mother." He opened the door and started walking down the steps, running towards Evie's car and hopping inside the backseat, throwing his stuff on the other seat from the other side.

"Morning, ladies." Carlos smiled at Evie through the mirror, and she winked back at him as she pulls out of the driveway. The black and white haired boy looked over at Mal, who was busy typing away on her phone.

"...Mal." Carlos announces in a nasty, jokey tone.

She lowers her sunglasses and looks at him from over her shoulder, an eyebrow raised. She wrinkles her face and gives him the same tone. "Eh... Carlos."

The two smiled, laughing as she pushes her glasses back and turns off her phone, throwing it in her backpack and looking at Evie, then at him. "Hmm, how are you dealing with yesterday's situation, Carlitos?" She asks, resting her chin on her palm.

Said boy sinks down in my seat, "Good. I guess." As he frowns, the plan that Jay and him had talked about yesterday at that drug store, and how it was going to be 'better than revenge' came into Carlos's thoughts. He stands up straightly, and smiles brightly at Mal. "Not good. Great."

She smiles over at her friend. "So, you're not heartbroken as you were yesterday?"

"Mal! Stop bombarding him with those questions!" Evie scolded, hitting her shoulder as she continues to drive.

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