12. a beat-up benjamin

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THEY DIDN'T REALIZE IT was Monday, so when Carlos nuzzled his head into Jay's chest for more warmth, he blinked and let out a shriek before jumping out of Jay's arms and putting on his shoes, screaming at Jay to get up so they wouldn't be late to school.

Jay, mostly angry that he was woken up after he found a good position to sleep in (which was one leg draped over Carlos's legs and his arms wrapped around the boy's petite waist), got out of bed and grabbed an outfit from his suitcase.

"Why are we even going to school today? Thought you wanted to cuddle all day long and watch Stranger Things." Jay shouted so Carlos could hear him over the closed closet door.

"Well, I also want to pass high school. And you should, too." Carlos said.

"I do want to pass high school," Jay put on his red beanie, "But missing one day out of the week won't make us not pass high school."

The closet door opened and Carlos gave Jay a serious look, "We are not going through this conversation again." He warned before throwing his pajamas on the bed, not even tucking them under the pillows like he does usually.

"We're already running late, so just grab a breakfast bar and a bottle of orange juice from the refrigerator and get out the door." Carlos scratched Dude behind his ears and then walked out the door.

"Did you know," Jay started, hanging onto the rail, "That when you snort, you scrunch your face up while do it, and it is-" Jay stopped at the final stair to look at Carlos, "-adorable. Seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen." He shrugged, going into the living room while Carlos went into the kitchen to grab breakfast bar.

"Well, Jayden, did you know that when you roll over, you squish the living fuck out of me?" Carlos threw him a breakfast bar and an orange juice.

Jay rolled his eyes to the back of his head, "Why do you always have to ruin the moment?" His words came out almost like a sigh.

Carlos giggled and went in to kiss Jay, wrapping his arms around his neck and connecting their lips together. Jay smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around his waist, still holding the bar and orange juice in his arm.

Jay turned them around in one swift move, pushing Carlos until he feel against the couch, quickly hovering over the awaiting boy and reconnecting their lips, bringing Carlos's bottom lip in between his teeth and giving it a small bite before sucking it, leaving it plump and red. Carlos gasped at the sensation, throwing his head back, giving Jay the opportunity to stick his tongue inside.

Carlos was moaning as Jay explored his mouth, head thrown back as he dropped his breakfast which he was no longer hungry for, instead he was hungry for Jay's lips. His hands were wandering the boy's hair, giving it simple tug and loving the sounds he got everytime he did so.

Jay was the first to pull away after what seemed like hours, pushing himself up with his hands. He looked directly into a heavy breathing Carlos and said, "We're so fucking late." He cursed, shaking his head and laughing, resting his forhead against Carlos's own.

"Worth it." Carlos moved his hands from Jay's hair to his cheeks, cupping them.

Jay smiled and stood up from the couch, helping Carlos up and giving him his breakfast, gathering his own. They were out the house in a gippee, their backpack on their shoulder and then thrown into the back seats as Jay pulled out of the parking lot and started driving to school.

"So, I guess I can declare you as my boyfriend to anyone who asks?" Carlos asked, turning his body slightly and resting his elbow on the console and placing his chin on his balled up fist.

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