05. party drama

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CARLOS GROANED IN ANNOYANCE as Jay shoved a pair of clothes into his arms, the fabric feeling like leather as it was thrown unawarely into his arms.

"Do I have to do this? What's wrong in the clothes that I have at home?" Carlos whined and threw his head back.

"I've only seen the way you dress for 2 days and it's very bad. So, go." His mouth was an 'o' shape as he spun the other boy around and pushed him into a random dressing room, not even checking to see if someone was in there.

He probably should have, because as soon as Carlos opened the door to start chaning, a lady-like scream came from the room, causing Carlos to jump and close the door, sputtering out 'sorry' and turning around, showing his wide eyes at Jay.

Jay burst out laughing, covering his mouth and muffling it out a bit.

"Oops." Jay snorted. "Men's dressing room's are on the other side of the store."

Carlos glares at him before walking away, subtly stomping away to the other side of the store while Jay continued to laugh to himself. He moved his hand away from his mouth and started fanning his eyes, trying to calm himself down.

Once he was able to control his breathing and his laughter, he walked over to the other side of the store and sat down on the sofa, taking out his phone and going through the messages he had just received. During lunch, Jay had gotten Mal and Evie's numbers, and they were asking random questions Jay didn't really feel like answering.

evie the blueberry: why did benjamin ask carlos where he went??? and where did you guys go??? i swear to god if you guys are gonna do what i think you're gonna do: you're dead meat.

jay: i barely met the guy! why do you think im gonna f him up already? though i admit that butt is truly glorious

mal: DID YOU SEE THE WAY EVIE SLAPPED BENJAMIN! WHOO! if you didn't don't worry; i got the video on snapchat! hey add me if you have it! mine is malamal

Jay left the messaging app and went in Snapchat and quickly added Mal, going to contacts and then changing her name to mala mal

jay: just did. does evie have one?

mala mal is typing......

mala mal: no. she's afraid of all the d picks she'll get.

Jay laughed.

jay: who can blame the girl? anyways, talk to ya later, hart!

He closed the app just as Carlos came out of the closet, dressed in the clothes Jay had given him. "I don't like this." Carlos said, half-pouting and half-frowning.

"Why not? You look ho -- nice." Jay smiled and grabbed the ends of his jacket, walking closer to the boy in front of him. He took in the outfit he chose, black and white cow-print high knee socks, one black and one white, denim shorts that were mid-thigh, black leather ankle boots, a plain red, low v-neck shirt, and a grey jacket.

"That's perfect for tonight. But to make sure, we need to buy more clothes for the rest of the school year."

Carlos's eyes widened. "For the rest of the school year?! Are you crazy?! Do you even have an idea on how much money you're wasting? Not to mention that it's on me!" Carlos hit his chest, making Jay step back.

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