13. tourney practice

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"TURNS OUT THAT WHEN you cuss in front of a teacher, you get detention. Can you believe that? What kind of rule is that?" Jay said to a guy on the tourney team that had asked about Carlos.

The guy shrugged and walked off to his section of lockers, leaving Jay alone to get dressed into the tourney practice uniform. Jay was inspecting the cruddy, wrinkled, smelly uniform, wearing a slightly disgusted face.

"I cannot wear this," Jay whispered, his face scrunched. He looked down at his own clothes and realized that they haven't been washed either, and that he just grabbed them out of the blue.

He shrugged and started stripping from his clothes, throwing on the dirt covered uniform.

Was tourney that violent that the uniforms got covered in dort when they were thrown onto the ground?

Jay wouldn't hesitate saying yes, the yard looked like it needed holy water, even though it was perfectly cut and there was only dirt and mud out of the field where they would be oracticing, the grass was a yellow hue.

"Everyone, GET OUT AND INTO THE FIELD!" Coach yelled.

Jay sighed and left the locker room with the rest of the team players, going out to the field and lining up in a straight line. Jay raised an eyebrow when they all stood up straight once the coach came out of the locker room.

"So, team," He announced, clapping his hands on his clipboard, "Today, a new member joins us. His name is Jayden Williams!" He motioned for him to come out, and Jay stepped out of the line, shrugging momentarily.

"It's, uh, Jay."

"Excuse me?" He raised an eyebrow at Jay's statement.

"My name? It's Jay."

"No, it says Jayden on here, so it's Jayden."

"Well, that's my full name, but everyone calls me-"

"Back in line!" He shouted.

Jay flinched but took a step back.

"So! Jayden will be taking Ben's place for the entire season! Remind me how long the season is, team?"


Jay furrowed his brows, "Excuse me?"

The coach looked at him for a second, and then shouted again, "REMIND ME HOW LONG THE SEASON IS, TEAM?!"

The team was opening their mouth to scream again, but Jay stopped them all by putting his hands in the air, "No, no, no! You don't need to do all that. My ears are ringing enough, thank you very much for that one minute ear bleed."

The coach walked up to him, "You think you're all tough, Williams?" Nodding his head in his direction.

Jay looked around at the rest of the team players, "Uh... kinda? I mean, considering that I beat off two junkers when they tried to rob me and my Dad, does that count?"

He narrowed his eyes at Jay and backed up, "Well. If that's that, how about we see what you can do. Team? Go Code 8 on him." He walked away from the line and blew the whistle; and team ran off to the field, putting on their helmets."

"Woah, woah, woah," Jay grabbed a member by his shirt and pulled him back, "What's Code 8?"

The team member smirked through his helmet, "You'll find out." He released himself from Jay's grip and ran out with the rest of the team.

"That little-"


Jay groaned and started running towards the Coach, "Can you at least tell me the basics?"

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