01. breakups and meet-ups

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CARLOS DE VIL had only planned to have a nice evening at his boyfriend's house, ranting to him about his awful experience with a rude, snotty customer at his after-school job.

And once he arrived, he greeted Benjamin in his usual order, but came to a halt when he noticed that there was an unknown girl sitting on his lap, lips pressed against Benjamin's own, her tongue stuck down his throat by the way he was looking at the scene.

Once Benjamin had gotten her out of the house in a rush, his cheeks were flushed a dark red by the intense makeout Carlos could tell they were having, and also because of the embarrassment he was feeling by Carlos watching him in pure shock.

And, now, here they were, standing in front of each other with Carlos looking like he was about to burst out screaming at Benjamin.

"Hey, babe, I-I didn't think you were going to be done with your shift so early..." Benjamin started off, looking around the room in order to not meet Carlos's eyes.

When Carlos didn't say anything, Benjamin looked up and met his eyes. Just as he was about to say something else, Carlos beat him to it.

"YOU JERK!!" Carlos screamed, giving Benjamin a shove as he looked him in the eyes with a death glare so huge that it gave Benjamin chills. "After all this time! You've been cheating on me?! Even after I've stayed loyal to you since day one?!" Carlos spat, getting closer to him.

"Carlos, it's not what it looks like! She's one of those chearleaders at out school and she tried to persuade me to breakup with you and go with her!"

Lies, all lies. Carlos thought.

The black and white haired boy took in a large breath, "If she's a cheerleader at our school, how come I've never seen her before? Hmm?" Carlos questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh -- um, did I say from our school? No, I meant from another school!"

That's when Carlos lost it. "Liar! You've been cheating on me! Admit it!" Benjamin shook his head. "You've been having side chicks for God knows how long! But that's it! You can have them over as much as you want, now. We're through!!" Carlos motioned as if he was slitting his throat and scoffed. "I should've believed Evie when she told me that you were cheating. Yet there I was, not buying it and thinking that you were being loyal to me! But I find you making out with a random girl while I'm out there buying you coffee and wasting my own damn money that I've earned while working at my after-school job! But, you know what?"

Benjamin backed up against the wall as Carlos kept on coming closer and closer.

"Take it!"

Before he could do anything else, Benjamin felt a hot liquid melt into his skin, and he let out a loud hiss as Carlos smirked in victory. Carlos threw the cup right in his face, turned around and grabbed his backpack, starting to walk out of Benjamin's house.

Carlos was once again stopped when Benjamin grabbed at his wrist, pulling him backwards and sending him to crash into the taller one's body. Immediately, Carlos stepped back, fighting for Benjamin to let him go. "Stop! Benjamin Florian!" Carlos spat, struggling against his ex-boyfriend's grip.

"Baby, please --"

Benjamin was cut off when Carlos finally managed to free himself of his grip. "BABY?! You wanna call me baby after all those horrendous things you've been doing to me; and may I mention behind my back?!" Carlos gave him another shove, sending Benjamin to fly back and almost hit the ground.

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