06. hungover

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JAY GOT HIS PHONE out of his pocket and checked the time: 6:39. He sighed in relief as his doubts of him being late washed away as he realized that he was going to arrive early to school this time.

He typed the passcode in and went to his messages, scrolling down the recent conversations he had with Mal and Evie and down to Carlos's name: Frosty. His fingers brushed against the letters and was halfway through sending him the planned text when he realized that today was the day after a party.

A party in which contained alcohol. Which Carlos had drank. So that meant that he wasn't going to school today because he was hungover as a result from how much he drank last night.

And a hungover was not the type of headache you'd want to deal with at school. So Jay went upstairs to his room and kicked the door open with his foot, throwing his (new) backpack on his messy bed and grabbing another one from under it.

He slid open the drawer full with his clothes and grabbed a new (possibly and hopefully), clean shirt and a pair of jeans, along with an extra pair of boxers. He threw the pillows onto the floor and snatched his pajama bottoms, shoving it all inside the backpack.

He zipped it up and then kicked the door open again, going into the bathroom and grabbing his toothbrush because he was for sure, absolutely, not going to use Carlos's. With or without asking. Who knows where that boy's mouth has been?

He shoved it into the extra small pocket in the middle of his backpack and zipped it close, opening the door and halfway through walking out, he flinched as the toothbrush holder fell onto the sink.

Jay hissed and shrugged. "Whoops."

He ran down the stairs and sighed before swinging the bag over his shoulders, squatting down next to the medicine cabinet and grabbing a bottle of Advil.

Frostys' gonna need this, Jay thought, cringing at how bad Carlos's headache must be. And the fact that that was probably his first hungover make him cringe even more.

My poor Frosty.

Jay closed the medicine cabinet door and stood up right, grabbing his car keys off of the rack and opening the door, the sun hitting him right in the eyes. He hissed but continued to walk towards his car.

He climbed in the driver's side, throwing his backpack in the back and turning on the engine, the music from the radio blasting loudly. Jay screamed and covered his ears, reaching for the volume button and lowering it down to medium.

He sighed. He remembered that Carlos had turned up the music half-way when a very innapropriate rap song had played, Carlos going along through the rap part perfectly, not missing an entire word.

Jay was actually suprised that he had know all the lyrics and didn't stutter at all. He thought that maybe Carlos wasn't into Indie or Pop like he had thought he was. But, then again, he was drunk. People did things that they can't do when they aren't drunk.

Jay changed the radio station and started driving, the instructions that Carlos had given him the other day to the way of his house coming back into memory. He hummed along to the song as he stopped at a red light.

He thought back to yesterday and the many events it held, like how he had done the tequila thing with Carlos, spreading the salt into his lips and how Carlos was so flustered and blushing that his face looked like a tomato. And how he stood close to him while Jay smiled at everyone and flirted with girls but held close to Carlos, secretly holding his hand behind his back where no one could see.

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