08. are you coming?

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CARLOS STILL WENT TO school the next day. He had already missed Tuesday, but he wasn't gonna miss today, no matter the situation he was in right now: he was still gonna learn.

And though he was partly mad at Jay, he still had some hope for him to show up. He didn't really expect him to share any physical contact with him if he did, he just wanted him to come to know he was okay. Both physically and mentally.

So when he arrived to school, he waited for 5 minutes to see if Jay's car would pull up right before classes began.

And for those 5 minutes, he looked through his previous messages with him, laughing sadly as read them all. He pulled up the keyboard and began typing: are you coming?

But he didn't send it.

So he waited a few minutes more to see if he would come. He hoped and he hoped.

But he never showed up, and Carlos was late to class.


It was Thurday, the second day after Jay didn't show up, and, to be honest, Carlos felt like he would be a bit more disappointed if Jay didn't show.

This time, he didn't wait outside the building in his car, yet he stood by Jay's locker, his books in his hands, and a hopeful look on his face.

Benjamin walked by him on his way to his classes, and stopped to talk to him, sadly.

"So, street rat didn't show up again?" Carlos only glared, "Honestly, Carlos, why are you hanging out with him? He seems like a bad influence on you? I mean, when we were dating, and before he came into your life all of a sudden, you never liked parties, and you didn't want anything to do with them. But now, you suddenly want to drink up every drink they had on the table." Benjamin was now way more closer to Carlos's face than how he was before.

With no emotion, Carlos spat, "Don't call him a street rat. And get out of my face, cheater."

Benjamin had either chuckled or snorted when he walked away, Carlos didn't really know and didn't really care.

How could he have the nerve to call Jay a street rat when he barely even knows his last name?

Carlos shook his head, trying to focus. He stood put for a few minutes more, even until the bell rang he stayed right where Jay's locker was, biting his bottom lip the entire time.

He pulled his phone out, opening up a the messaging app and clicking on Jay's name, quickling typing away.

'are you coming today? i really hope you do.'

But, once more, he didn't send it.

Expectantly, a teacher snapped his fingers in Carlos's face, startling the boy.

"What are ya doing out here?" Carlos looked confused. "Get to class! You're gonna get marked absent if ya don't hurry up! Go, go! Get out of my face!"

Carlos nodded and picked up his backpack, turning the corner and waiting for the teacher to leave. Once he was finally out of sight, he looked at the door, wishing for just the last second that Jay would show up.

But he didn't, and Carlos was late to class.


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