09. resolved

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JAY FELT LIKE A total jerk. After agreeing to Carlos to meet up at Charming Palace, he ended up chickening out because the worry of it being awkward filled his mind too much.

He knew he was gonna end up staring at Carlos's lips, the memory of the kiss he stole the day of their argument flooding back into thought.

And he was only halfway getting dressed when he decided it was a better idea to not go got to him and he got back into his boxers and a plain purple shirt, hopping into his bed and continuing his marathon of friends, practically eating out his feelings by shoving popcorn into his mouth.

It was three full days that he didn't go to school, but he still learned, he went back to the site he used when he was homeschooled and used that instead.

Now, it was Saturday; and he just got home from running some of his Dad's errands all day, so it was 8:28. He plopped himself down on the couch, not even bothering to change out of his clothes and get into his comfortable pajamas.

He stayed in his day clothes, but put his hair into a manbun, put his feet up on the table and melted into the couch, cuddling a pillow towards his chest.

Jay was only a few minutes into watching his show when the doorbell rang. He groaned and stood up, "Who the hell is knocking on my door at 8 o'clock?!" He snapped, walking towards the door and opening it up.

He tried his best to not look annoyed as he sighed and opened his mouth but was cut off.

"Jay," A familiar voice whispered.

Jay looked up and saw a hopeful Carlos standing at his doorway.

"Carlos! What are you doing here at 8? It's late, you need to go--"

"No, no. We need to talk, please." He begged, a sad glint flickering in his eyes.

Jay stood there, confused. He took one last look at Carlos before opening the door wider and allowing him to come inside.

Carlos smiled and walked in, fiddling with his hands nervously. "Look, Jay, I really want to say sorry, I acted like such a jerk on Wednesday, and -- I'm just really sorry."

Jay shook his head, but Carlos continued on, "I mean, I was still trying to get through a breakup and then my drunk, idiotic self goes and kisses you--"

"No, Carlos, you don't have to apologize for that, you were drunk and you weren't in full control, I understand that. I'm the one who needs to say sorry for just kissing you mid-sentence. I was frustrated and confused and I wasn't even thinking." Jay was rambling, but he didn't care.

"And, worst of all, I agreed to meet you at Charming's Palace, and then I stood you up, and, god, that's the most jerkiest thing a jerk can do -- I --" sigh, " -- I'm sorry, Carlos. I'm so sorry."

Carlos smiled weakly, "Jay, it's okay, I don't know why you're apologizing so much, it's fine -- you're fine. Honestly, I expected an outburst of frustration one day, and I'm glad you trust me enough to have it on me."

Jay smiled widely, the sadness disappearing, "So you're not mad?"

Carlos shook his head no, "No, not at all. I mean, I was a bit confused and whatever, but that was that, but I'm not anymore," Jay nodded, "Truthfully, I wouldn't mind it if you kissed me again." He let out a soft giggle.

"W-What?" Jay swore he turned red.

Carlos giggled louder this time, "I said that I wouldn't mind it if you kissed me again." He looked down at the ground, suddenly feeling quite shy.

Jay now had the urge to press his lips against the younger boy, so he leaned in, causing Carlos's breath to hitche, but he didn't move. Jay captured Carlos's lips in his, moving them slowly, and then in a normal pace.

Carlos resurrected quickly and wrapped his arms around Jay's neck, going on his tippy toes. He tilted his head and leaned forward, deepening the kiss.

Jay, unexpectedly, licked at Carlos's bottom lip, which got Carlos to moan and open his mouth, where Jay took it to his advantage to stick his tongue in.

Carlos might have moan even louder as Jay's tongue worked magic, "Jay, please," He grabbed at Jay's hands that were resting on his hips and dragged them down to his pants, trying to give him the message to unbuckle them.

Jay smirked and manuvered his way down to Carlos's butt, "Jump," He whispered.

Carlos whimpered and did as told, immediately wrapping his legs around Jay's waist. He let himself be carried up the stairs to wherever Jay was leading him towards. They both kept on kissing as if their lives depended on it, kissing ever so hungrily, tongue and all.

Jay kicked the door open to his bedroom, throwing Carlos onto the bed, where the boy whimpered, eager to continue kissing. Jay quickly hovered over him, hands next to his head. At high speed, he reconnected their lips, this time sucking at Carlos's bottom lip from time to time.

Carlos would moan loudly every time he did it, that was weakness for him. "Jay, please," He begged, his hands flying underneath his shirt and feeling his very well-defined abs. He let out a sound full of pleasure as he felt Jay undo his pants, and he kicked them off to help him out. Jay parted away and started to remove Carlos's shirt as well, catching his breath as he did so.

Jay took off his as well, throwing it to the ground along with Carlos's. He then grabbed at Carlos's arms and pinned them above his head, preventing said boy from touching his abs.

Carlos was enjoying this, he had never seen Jay be so dominant and he loved it so much. By far, it was his most favorite side of Jay he had ever seen and it was killing him how slow it was taking them to just do it already.

"Please, Jay," He kept on repeating the same words over and over because he needed Jay to give it to him. And if he was willing to do it now by seeing how desperate Carlos was feeling, he would do nothing more but be entirely submissive towards Jay and take everything that was given to him.

Finally, Jay stopped and ripped Carlos's boxers off, literally. He did the same with his and ordered exactly, "Put your legs up to my shoulders."

Carlos did as told and waited for Jay to do something, imagining how good it would feel to do this.

And it ended up feeling heavenly, just making love, both of them, together.



bet you weren't expecting that ;)

i want to thank adee for writing the smut scene because i cannot handle smut (she's also the one who's making the dirty aus that i've been posting on my insta acc bc i can't do that)

anyways, this chapter was rushed and i used so many fancy words because that's what happens to me when i rush things, i end up expanding my vocabulary

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