chapter twenty-eight

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Carlos left the hospital around 8 pm and Jay drove him home, not even sharing a word with him due to the awkward, heartbreaking events earlier that day. After dropping him off, he drove back to his house and parked it in the garage. He looked back at some of the suitcases that were plopped down on the back seats. Jay pursed his lips, checking the time on his watch before getting out of the car, but leaving it on.

It was time to get the rest of the bags so he could leave the day after tomorrow. That was the same day Jay's dad was expecting him to come home since he had rearranged what day he would be leaving, thanks to Carlos's attack.

The bags were on the couch, and Lula was sleeping peacefully until Jay brought her down on the ground and lifted up two, kicking the door open a bit more and waddling back to his car. He opened the back seat door, making space and plopping the bags on the floor. There was one more to get, so Jay went back inside and then outside. He closed the door shut and finally locked the car.

Jay leaned against the door, running a hand against his hair. His stomach was rumbling loudly, and he moved his hand from his head to hold his stomach. "I should really eat something." He muttered, leaping from where Lula was resting on the ground. "Stupid cat."


"I'm sorry."

"Meow meow."

"I'm frustrated! Sue me!" Jay opened the refrigerator, studying all the objects he had. " Pasta seems good right now. Do I have breadsticks, though?" Jay crouched down more and saw the foil bag of breadsticks sitting at the very top row, so he grabbed the bag and put the bowl of breadsticks in the oven, pushing the time in and waiting. He was about to jump onto the counter when there was suddenly a knock on the door. Jay furrowed his brows and walked into the living room, opening the door slowly.

Outside he found Carlos, fiddling with his hands nervously until the door opened, "Jay, h-hi."

"Carlos, what are you doing out in the streets? You're supposed to be at home resting." Jay said, opening the door a bit further.

Carlos ignored his statement, "I wanted to talk to you. Can I come in?" He motioned to the inside of the house.

Jay nodded and allowed Carlos to walk in. He closed the door after, him and turned to look at an anxious Carlos, "What's wrong?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Carlos took in a deep breath and turned around to look at Jay, his eyes red as if he's been crying (he probably was, but he'd never tell Jay that).

The black and white haired boy took several steps forward, but Jay took some back, just in case. After a few seconds, Carlos opened his mouth, "You can't leave. Not me or Auradon." He whispered, though it was just the two of them in the house, no one else except two broken, weary, and tired boys, aching for one another (that would never be said either).

Jay sighed and looked at the ground, kicking at nothing, "Carlos, I already told you that there's no word or speech of yours that can change my mind." Ouch, that stung his heart, somehow.

Carlos ignored the pain (was it from his recent activities from the hospital or from Jay's words, Carlos didn't know) and continued speaking, regardless of Jay's annoyed facial expression, "You have no idea how much you changed my life, for the best and for the worst," Jay raised an eyebrow, "You gave me such a huge development, and for that I am forever grateful. And when something or someone impacts my life, I want to keep them close in my life. I want them forever, I want you forever, Jay." Carlos sighed like his breath was just stolen from those two minutes speaking.

Jay looked at Carlos directly in his eyes (was it in or at? Jay didn't care, not like someone could read his thoughts), "Ben impacted your life. Why don't you keep him?"

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