chapter twenty

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Monday arrived too soon for me. I knew Carlos was probably going to go back to school, seeing that he wasn't as heartbroken as he did game day. I was going to have to face him again, and I had no problem with that, but I also knew that Benjamin was probably going to start hanging around, too. I didn't know that Carlos had the sudden ability to move on quickly, and if not then what was Benjamin doing at his house? Maybe I was overthinking this, because there wasn't a way that Carlos wanted to get back with Benjamin after he had been cheating on him for 2 years, and not especially after I 'cheated' on him. My poor little baby LoLo. If only Benjamin wasn't there that night so I could tell Carlos what he actually did, then maybe everything would go back to normal.

But then there was the Evie situation. When I first met her she seemed so pure, and she looked like she was always going to support Carlos and be by his side no matter what, but she lied to him and basically stabbed him in the back with a fresh cut knife and just let him bleed to death. Well, not literally, just metaphorically. His heart just broke, he didn't die. I was parked outside, ready to go inside the school building but decided that I was just going to stay back in the car for a little while so I couldn't get the attention of the people who witnessed Audrey kissing me during the tourney game. And speaking of tourney, I had to quit the team. Though I had to convince the coach to put me out and bring Benjamin back in since he clearly looked less injured than when I last saw him limping and groaning.

I sighed when I heard the bell ring from inside the building. I shut off my phone and shoved it in my back pocket, grabbing my leather backpack from the back seat and stepping from outside the car. I fixed my leather jacket's sleeves and threw my hair to the side with my hands, putting on my sugnlasses, preventing the sun from making me permanently blind. I narrowed my eyes even though nobody could see me through the classes and started walking to the school's doors, shutting the car door close and stirring up the sidewalk, passing by students that suddenly seemed intrigued by my presence. I ignored the states from everyone and instead went inside the school, the fresh, cool air hitting my face, along with more looks joining with the rest of the students behind me.

I looked up from the ground to find Jay getting out of his car, his hair tossed to one side and his leather jacket pulled up, along with his back sunglasses and black combat boots, even his backpack was black and leather. What the hell is this? He never wears black alone! Oh wait, he's wearing some red.

Benjamin tapped my shoulder, pulling me put of my thoughts. I look up at hi, dumbfounded as he repeats what he said to me, "I said why does Jay look like he just got out of jail?" He chuckled and watched as Jay stepped into the school.

I shrugged, "I don't know. He usually doesn't dress or act like this." I scratch at the back of my neck awkwardly and look down at myself, staring at my clothes. Black and white shorts with red splattered on them, a black jacket with red wolve scratches at the back and a white shirt with dalmatian stains on them. I've truly started to dress like my mother. "This is weird. It isn't like him."

"You should talk to him. Ask what's up with the whole new attitude." Benjamin recommend, putting up air quotation signs.

"No," I shook my head, "Yeah, no, I think I'll just let him be. He looks like he doesn't want to be disturbed seeing that he's ignoring everyone that stares at him. We should just get going to class before we arrive late." I swing my backpack over my shoulder and start walking.

Benjamin just shrugs and locks the car, swinging his arm around my shoulder, striding up to the doors while I just walk.

Oh. Did I mention we started dating again? Well, not completely, we just decided to trust eachother again, plus he stayed over at my house last night (in a different room of course) so he could keep me company. I didn't like it as much as I did when Jay stayed over, but it was better than being alone, so I didn't argue and just let him stay to keep safe. I was also glad he didn't try to convince me to sleep in the same bed as me in my room. It was only until Jay slept there last time, that nobody else would be allowed to stay in my bed. Not even my mother.

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