03. carlos is petty, mal approves, evie judges

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JAY AND CARLOS finally stopped arguing when they reached the classroom, walking inside and throwing their empty cups into the trash can.

As Carlos looked up, he realized that most of the attention was on him, mostly from the girls, who were already starting to bat their eyes in a flirtatious manner. He turned around to see Jay smirking back at them, giving them little winks. The boy rolled his eyes and continued to make his way to his assigned seat, Jay following behind.

Carlos dropped his stuff on the floor, placing his chin on the palm of his hand. Beside him, Jay sat down and sighed relucantly, continuing to flirt back at the random girls that were starting to get on Carlos's nerves.

Later on, the teacher came in, apologizing for being late immediately. "Alright," she started, "today, we are going to learn about..." Mrs. Reveille stopped when she noticed that Jay was in the room. "Oh, looks like we have a new student." She smiled at Jay.

Jay widened his eyes, please, no.

"Care to present yourself?"

I could care less, Jay thought.

Yet he stood up. "Uh, okay. I'm Jay. Jay Williams. I just moved her to Auradon. That's all." He quickly sat down.

Carlos raised an eyebrow in confusion, then at the teacher, who was doing the same thing.

"Well, o-okay, Mr. Williams, welcome to Auradon Prep." She smiled. Jay nodded at her, scratching at the back of his neck.

Carlos sighed and placed his chin on the palm of his hand. He watched as some girls turned around and winked at Jay, who smirked in return.

"Call me." One said.

With what number, exactly? Carlos thought.

He rolled his eyes in annoyance, putting his attention back to Mrs. Reveille, who was talking about something Carlos was sure he already knew.

He looked back at Jay, who was looking at him as well. Carlos raised an eyebrow, and Jay shook his head 'no,' turning back to what he was doing.

Carlos shrugged to himself and looked ahead.

Why was he looking at me?

Jay's big, brown puppy eyes compared nothing to Benjamin's green ones, that never made Carlos feel assured.

Well, now it didn't.

But, the way Jay had looked down at him, considering that Jay was way taller than Carlos (who wouldn't like to admit it), made him feel bubbly inside. He was already blushing at the thought.

Wait, I'm blushing?

Carlos touched at his cheeks, and he could feel the hotness; and he was positive his cheeks were the same color as a tomato.

That only made him blush even harder.

From the corner of his eye, he could see someone staring at him, and he turned his head around.


Benjamin was staring at him, his green eyes lowered as he stared at Jay with envy.

Carlos moved so he caught his eye, and immediately made a disgusting face at him, giving him a shooing motion.

Benjamin was about to mouth something, but Carlos had already looked away, an annoyed look on his face.

He can't judge Jay. He barely knows him! Carlos thought, Jay should be judging him, Carlos had already tolled him everything.

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