chapter twenty-four

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I wasn't lying when I told Carlos I was going to move back to Agrabah. He said he was never going to believe me -- as in never, nunca -- so what was the point of staying here? My dad didn't even live here, he lived in Agrabah but he sent me here because Auradon was 'good for me'.  The only thing good that was going on for me was that I lived by myself and had all sorts of freedom. Everything else was drama, something I could never go through in Agrabah.

I sighed and shoved the last pair of clothing into one of the many suitcases, closing the fold and zipping it up. I looked around my room, checking to see if I missed anything. I looked back at my bed, noticing Lula was playing with my phone charger. I chuckled and sat down on my bed, reaching out to grab her. she stared at my hand and attacked it, "Ow." I whined, grabbing at it.


"No, you evil cat, you hurt me."


"Aw, I can't stay mad at you, c'mere girl."

Lula strutted towards me, dumping her head on my thigh. "You want me to bring you to Agrabah with me? I'm traveling in my car, and you can sleep in the back on top of my bags." I asked, even though she wouldn't answer. She meowed again, closing her eyes and purring as I petted her head. "I'll take that as a yes." I stood up and grabbed my suitcases, running down the stairs and setting them in front of the couch.

I went into the kitchen and jumped onto the counter, my hands clutching the curve of the marble top. I sighed and leaned against the cabinet. Am I really going to leave Auradon because of some stupid breakup-slash-argument with Carlos? Deep inside, I didn't want to, but at the same time I didn't want to face him -- or anyone else -- after he said he was never going to believe me. If I did leave, I would leave Mal behind as well, even though she already had the Evie problem going on.

I jumped down and walked back to the living room. I grabbed a suitcase and opened the door, stepping outside and walking to my car, which was parked where the sidewalk started. I opened the door of the backseat and fixed the suitcase to the very end of the other side. I turned around to grab another suitcase but stopped when I heard the commotion of loud sobbing and crying.


I spun around to find Carlos running towards the direction of my house. I turn around fully and run over to him, "Carlos! Carlos, what's wrong?" When I reach him, I grab his forearm and pull him towards me, searching for anything that was wrong or looked unusual.

He sobs into my shirt, not saying anything except crying. "Carlos, what's wrong? What happened?" I cup his cheeks in my hands to make him look at me, but his eyes are closed and he's trying to hold back tears but fails as they keep on coming out. He lets out a wail before looking at me, eye to eye.

"Ben raped me!"

I could feel my blood start to boil under my skin. I knew he wasn't lying. Why would he? He was crying a river right now and he was clutching onto my shirt as if I would let go. "When?" I ask, feeling nothing but anger as I asked him.

He sniffed asked and wiped his eyes, "Like, twenty minutes ago." He looked at me for a split second and I knew that he knew that I wanted to know why he raped him, "Dude bit him when Ben mocked him and he started bleeding so I pulled the first aid kit on him and wrapped his hand to stop the bleeding, and then he started thanking me in this really seducive way and I just told him that I didn't want to do anything right there with him, but he didn't listen and took me upstairs and... and raped me! Jay, he raped me!"

I grabbed him by his head and pulled him back down to my chest and allowed him to cry, "Why would he do that?" I ask myself, stroking Jay's hair.

I looked back down at Carlos and notice that he's stopped crying but his eyes were closed and he seemed like he was loosing his balance. "Carlos, honey, what's wrong? Carlos?"

"I feel... I feel lightheaded. My heart is... is pounding real fast, Jay. Jay, make it... stop, make it stop." I could feel him slump in my arms and before I could do anything, he passed out.

"Carlos! Carlos! Wake up!" When he didn't respond was when I really got scared, "Carlos! I swear to God if this is a joke I'm going to tie you to a pulp... Carlos!" I tapped his face and it fell to the other side.

I went inside quickly, resting him on the grass and grabbing the car and house keys along with my phone. I closed the door and ran back outside, going back to where Carlos was. I opened my phone and when to the dial app, quickly dialing the emergency number.

It answered in the third ringer, "Hello, how may I be of service in your emergency?"

"Yes my, my um..."

Boyfriend? Friend? Crush? What?!


"Oh, um, my friend passed out. He just got raped twenty minutes ago and he was crying and he passed out all of a sudden."

"Okay, I'll need your direction to pick him up and take him to the hospital."

I quickly told her the direction and the ambulance arrived in five minutes, taking Carlos away on a long stretch bed. I walked up to one of them and asked, "Can I come with him? I'm close to him and know answers that can help anything that's needed."

The person nodded, motioning for me to climb the back of the ambulance where Carlos was. I sat down a side to his head and grabbed his hand.

I whisper, "Honey, I promise I'll hurt Ben while you're out."


"I'll make sure he won't have a small tic tac--" I didn't want to say the word anymore, "for you to choke on. Or in general."

I hoped he would laugh when he woke up.

pretty dramatic, huh?

so i promised a few people that jaylos would happen in this chapter but this kinda wasn't where they recover their relationship but soon it'll be showed

also this book might end at chapter 30 because i can't think of anything else me than how the rest of the chapters will go and how it'll end but one thing i can assure is that jaylos will have their happy ending :)


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