chapter thirty

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"So, Benjamin's in jail now?" Mal asked, spinning her coffee cup around on the table.

Carlos nodded, leaned into Jay's side, "He'll be there for 5 years. Maybe longer, they said they're looking at his record to see if he's committed other harassments."

"That's amazing, Carlos, I'm happy he's being kept away from you for a long time." Mal squeezed his hand, smiling at them both, "If I'm being honest, I never really liked Benjamin. But Jay, on the other hand, I liked. Ever since you introduced him to us, I was counting down the days until you started dating."

Jay smirked, "Trust me, I was, too."

Carlos rolled his eyes and hit Jay's chest, taking a sip from his hot chocolate. Jay laughed and kissed the side of his head, drinking from his cup.

Auradon was getting breezy, fresh air from morning through night, and all three of them decided to get together to discuss the things that have been happening lately. They had met at one of Auradon's most popular cafes, sitting down at a table by the window to talk.

"You guys, what are we gonna do about Evie?" Mal asked, brows furrowed.

Jay rolled his eyes and was about to answer when, as if on cue, Evie walked by the window, on the phone with somebody. "Speak of the devil," Jay muttered, eyes wide as Evie walked into the shop, looking around, her eyes finally landing on Jay, Carlos, and Mal.

The smile she had on her face disappeared, and she brought her mouth to the phone, "I'll call you later." She hung up and walked to the line, her confidence suddenly deflated like a balloon.

"What is she doing here?" Jay asked, shaking his head.

"Um, getting coffee like everyone else here?" Mal said, rolling her eyes.

"It's fine, we'll just ignore her. We want nothing to do with her, right?" Carlos said, looking at them both.

"Right," Jay repeated, tightening his grip on his boyfriend.

When Mal said nothing, both boys looked at her.

"Mal?" Carlos asked.

"Right," She whispered, looking down at her hands.

"You alright, Mal?" Jay asked, looking at her.

She looked up and nodded, drinking from her cup and looking out the window.

Jay looked at Carlos, brows furrowed, but he shrugged it off and made small talk once more, but it was interrupted once more when Mal spoke up.

"Do you guys think we should ever forgive her?" Mal asked, teeth on her bottom lip.

"After what she did to us?" Jay seethed, "She basically ruined Carlos and me's relationship. No thank you," Jay scoffed and drank from his cup, rolling his eyes.

Mal narrowed his eyes at him, "Jay, she had her reasons."

Jay rolled his eyes, "What reason would be acceptable enough as to shred someone's relationship to pieces?" He challenged, looking at her with a serious expression on his face.

"She had a crush on you," Mal said, "She probably still does. It was an act of pure jealousy and hurt.'

Carlos's breath hitched.

Jay stared at him before looking away, "Still not acceptable. She should've said something instead of hurting us both. I won't be taking her back anytime, I'll tell you that."

Mal gave him a look, "Don't be like that. If Carlos did something, you would take him back in loving and supporting arms, because you--"

"Because I love him? Yes, Mal, I do. We all been knew." Jay interrupted, sounding annoyed as he got to the point.

Carlos smiled despite the tension between his friends, smiling and kissing his cheek.

Jay smiled back, "Plus, I think we should all get going. Carlos and I have some things to take care of and I'm sure you do."

Mal blinked, "You're right, I need to go spray paint that alley I told both of you about. Make mother proud, you know?" She jumped off of her chair and slapped Jay's shoulder, "See you two later."

Jay and Carlos followed her, walking out the door, hand in hand.

Evie stared back at them as they disappeared down the street, a tear rolling down her cheek with a forgotten apology in her hand.


Carlos giggled as Jay placed another kiss on his lips, a lovesick look on his face as he ran his fingers through Jay's long hair.

A car from behind them honked at them, making them pull apart from one another.

The light was green and there was a long line behind them waiting for them to drive.

Jay laughed and began driving. Carlos giggled and stared at him, "You're an idiot."

Jay smirked, "You love me."

Carlos smiled and looked away, "No, I don't recall that."

Jay rolled his eyes, "Your lips are all flushed and pinked because of the time we just spent kissing." He said, making Carlos blush.


Jay laughed again as he turned the corner to the street of Carlos's house, "You know, now that everything is fixed between us, and Benjamin is in jail locked up, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to move to Agrabah with me."

Carlos looked at him in shock, "Agrabah?"

Jay nodded as he parked on the pavement, "Yeah, I was still planning on going, but it was postponed, remember?"

Carlos nodded, a small smile spread on his freckled face, "You want me to move with you to Agrabah with you? As in, permanently?"

Jay shrugged and looked at him, "Not exactly permanently, maybe a few months. We stay in one of those castles."

Carlos's eyes widened, "Castles?"

Jay snorted, "That's what the apartments are called there. They're all really fancy. And affordable, so we can stay there. Or unless you want to move into my house, with my dad, but I think we're both too grown for that, don't you think?"

Carlos nodded, "When do you plan on going?"

"Probably next week." Jay answered, "But if you want to stay here in Auradon, then we might have to go through a long distance relationship." He muttered.

Carlos shook his head, pecking his boyfriend's lips, "No, I don't want that. I want to be with you."

Jay smiled, "So you'll go with me to Agrabah?"

Carlos smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I will."

Jay grinned and kissed him, resting their foreheads together, "Alright."

Carlos looked at his lap. "But before we leave, we need to fix some things>"

Jay furrowed his brows, "What things?"

"You'll see."


short chapter, so sorry about that, but the next chapter will be long and better, i promise!

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