14. stereotypes

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"I SWEAR TO GOD I'm gonna kill him." Jay growled as he marched his way through the crowd of students.

"Jay, calm down. Think about what's going to happen if you do." Carlos was trying his best to calm his boyfriend down as he walked behind him, holding his books in his hands as he tried to keep up with his pace.

Jay stopped walking and Carlos bumped into his back, making an 'oof' sound as he clenched his books in his grip to make sure they didn't fall and scatter everywhere. When he looked up, Jay was staring at him with a 'are you kidding me?' facial expression.

"It's a metaphor, Carlos. I'm not going to kill him. I don't want his crusty blood on my hands," Jay shook his head.

Carlos made a face of disgust, "How can someone's blood be crusty?"

Jay started motioning with his hands before he even spoke, "Well, when someone has no heart--"

"Who has no heart? Is it you? 'Cause I would belive that?"

Jay closed his eyes and sighed a long sigh before spinning on his heels, "How do you know I have no heart? Do you have proof?"

Benjamin chuckled, "Yeah, I have a black eye," He pointed to his purple eye, "And a few bruises right on my stomach," He patted his stomach and then coughed, placing his arm on Jay's shoulder for support as he hunched over.

Jay smacked his lips and rolled his eyes, moving his hand away, "Get away from me, you old man, I have no sympathy for you and your fake cough."

Benjamin stopped fake-coughing and fixed his positon, "It was believable."

"I yawn at your horrible acting," Carlos stated from behind Jay.

"You know what we all won't yawn at?"


"When I beat the crap out of your face again because you didn't tell me the tourney game is this Friday, you little--" He raised his fist, but Carlos stopped him from it interacting with Benjamin's face.

Carlos was about to say something when his hand reached Jay's muscles, and he suddenly got interested, squeezing at Jay's muscles as his jaw dropped as felt them.

Benjamin furrowed his brows, and started pointing out his own 'muscles', showing them off to Carlos, who only slapped them away and continued to feel Jay's own.

"Ow! What the heck? Since when is he attractive to you?!" Benjamin snapped, motioning at Jay.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is these bad boys -- OH MY MALEFICENT THERE'S A VEIN ON THIS THING HOLY--" Carlos ran his hand against his the vein, mouth gaped open.

"Anyways -- Carlos you can feel my muscles later!"

Carlos stopped and smiled, "Okay!"

"Anyways! You never told me that the big game the Coach keeps on talking about is this Friday! You could've told me sooner so I could've been more prepared!" Jay snapped.

Ben breathed through his nostrils and made a thinking face, "Nah," Jay glared, "See, this is funner. I get back at you for beating me up, which means you get a punishment, which means I get to see you suffer, which is beauty to my eyes."

Jay smiled, "And this is why Carlos won't get back together with you." Benjamin's own smile dropped, "But he has me, so it's all good."

Jay and Carlos intertwined their hands together and showed Benjamin, "We're basically married." Carlos stuck his tongue out.

"Whatever! Your relationship isn't appropriate, anyways!" Benjamin was about to walk off when Jay stopped him.

"Holdupholdupholdup! Exchyoose me? What do you mean it isn't appropriate?" Jay asked, bringing Benjamin back. "Because if you're talking about sexually appropriate then: no. It isn't sexually appropriate at all."

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