17. betrayal with a capital E

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"Carlos! CARLOS!"

Carlos ignored his name being screamed out by Jay and continued to walk away from the school building, wiping tears away from his red eyes. It had only been a few minutes since he saw Jay kiss Audrey and he was already bawling his eyes out.

"Carlos! Please stop! Let me talk to you!"

Carlos spun around when Jay grabbed his wrists, pulling them together, "Get away from me, Jay, I don't want to talk to you right now." Carlos muttered, punching his chest as soft as he could, refusing to look straight in his eyes.

"Well I do, so tough stuff." Jay swore his heart broke as he heard Carlos sniffle, the tears running down his cheeks. Jay raised his hand to wipe the tears away, but Carlos dodged his hand, looking to the side, "Carlos, Frosty, please, you know I would never kiss Audrey, you know I'm not into girls." Jay whispered.

"But you're bisexual." Carlos said.

"Not with you."

"Then why did you kiss her?"

"Carlos, I swear I didn't. She kissed me!" Jay heard Mal and Evie come up behind them, "I would never do that to you, honey."

Carlos looked at Mal and Evie, "Did she really?" He asked them, sniffling. Jay turned to look at them.

"She did, Carlos." Mal said, "He was about to run to where we were but then Audrey stopped him and kissed him."

Carlos looked at Evie.

Evie hesitated before answering, "No, he pulled Audrey and kissed her. She was just going to do the cheer. She wasn't going to kiss him." Everyone's eyes widened. "Carlos, he's been cheating on you this entire time."

Carlos took in a deep, harsh breath, "Jay, how could you?" He whispered, beginning to tear up.

"What?! No, no!" He turned to Evie, "You're wrong! I haven't been cheating on you! That was all probably Benjamin's idea to break us apart! She's lying!"

Carlos shook his head, "I don't know. I just -- let's go home, I'm tired."

Jay nodded, "Whatever you want. I just need to get my bag and we can go." He turned around and started making his way back to the building.

Tonight was supposed to be great.


The next morning, Jay woke up in a different room, but he noticed he was still in Carlos's house. The memory of when Carlos told him to sleep in another room flooded back to Jay's thoughts. which made his heart break in so many pieces that it was practically impossible to pick them up and form them back in the right shape. He got out of the bed, kicking the sheets off of him and climbing off. He swung the door open and walked to Carlos's room, running his hands through his messy hair. He stopped at his door, grabbing the door knob and twisting it.

It didn't budge. It was locked. Carlos locked the door on him. Jay sighed and rested his forhead on the door, "Carlos, are you going to school?" Jay cringed at how weak and groggy his voice sounded, as if he had been crying all night (which he had; he had heard Carlos crying and whimpering which made him cry as well). Jay waited for an answer, still holding the door knob and releasing little sighs.

Seconds after, Carlos answered him, "No, I'm not." His voice sounded just as horrible as Jay's, even if it was because of the door getting in their way. Jay closed his eyes, pressing his forhead against the door and taking a deep breath, "I love you, Carlos. Please remember that." He whispered loud enough for Carlos to hear, "I'd never do that to you, I love you, LoLo." Jay looked up, expecting for the door to open but getting nothing.

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