twenty eight

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I open my eyes to see I had changed location, the last thing I remeber was seeing Void abruptly push my head against the stone floor repeatedly.

My focus was then brought to the voice that awoke me, it sounded soft and concerned– nothing like Stiles's that still haunts me.

"Nell?" I snap out of my daze and comprehend the multiple familiar faces staring down at me– they were Isaac, Derek, Lydia and Alison's.

"Im fine" I feel someone place their hands around me; helping me sit up.

"No, your not" Derek hands Alison a first aid kid.

Lydia places her hand on my forehead "She's freezing"

"What happened?" I raise my eyebrows

"Didn't you get my text? I was at Eichen and– Stiles" I pause. "the Nogitsune has possessed him again".

"Was he the one who did this" I nod

"Why?" Isaac speaks up.

"I can't remember– who brought me here?"

"That Malia girl, she also gave us a katana and old photo with Kira's mom on"

"I recall finding that, Stiles was terrified–" im cut off by Scott and Kira bursting into the room.

"Nell" Scott rushes over and embraces me with a warm hug.

Scott and I part "Do you remeber anything that happened?" Derek sounded impatient.

"Give her time Derek–" he interrupts Scott.

"Scott we need to know what Stiles is capable of" I agree

"Hes right. My memories a little fuzzy but I recall being in the basement with Malia and Stiles– a boy was being controlled by the Nogitsune and threatened to drill a hole in my head unless Stiles let it in. so he did" I pause, wiping a tear from my cheek.

"Then he did this to me" I refer to the multiple bruises scattered around my body.

"Can you smell that?" Isaac asks Scott and Derek.

"It smells like blood"

"I think its Nell" Lydia and Alison help me stand whilst Isssc lifts up the back of my shirt; sending a cold draft up my back.