twenty two

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                      •••I meet up with Scott and the twins inside school whilst pondering the Nogitsune

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I meet up with Scott and the twins inside school whilst pondering the Nogitsune.

"Things are getting too quite" I faintly say, knowing the they acknowledged me ; because of their werewolf abilities.

"Yeah, its making me nervous" Ethan agrees.

"Do you guys hear that?" Scott pauses "It's an emitter, One of Argent's and it's coming from the basement." I observe the three dash towards basement.

"Guys wait!" Trembling, i follow them– Eventually managing to catch up, I see the twins had started to strangle someone.

I move a few paces closer and see Stiles's in my perpetual vision.

"Wait, stop! I said, stop!" Scott pushes the twins off Stiles and i lay my eyes on a black gym bag; filled to the brim with various items.

"It's me, Scott, Nell– I swear it's me." I couldn't help but notice the dark circles under his eyes and how pale his skin had turned.

Stiles continues "I don't know where I've been the last two days or what I've been doing, but this is me. I promise."

"You know what happened at the hospital?" Scott asks– referring to what happened to Isaac.

"I know more than that." Stiles gets a blue peice of rolled up paper out of the bag and unrolls it "You see this? It's a blueprint of the hospital's electrical wiring.– You see all these markings in red? That's my handwriting." He pauses

"I know I did this. I caused the accident.– And everything in this bag, it's all stuff that could be part of something bigger"

"What the hell were you doing? Building a Terminator?" Stiles chuckles at Aidens comment.

"Thank you for that." The bag had a lot of dangerous equipment in, including wire cutters and a bear trap.

Ethan pulls another sheet of paper out of the gym bag "Guys, this is a map."

"Isn't that the cross country trail?" I nod

"That's the Tate car–Where Malia Tate's family died." Scott and i glance over at eachother.

"You mean that's where her father put the steel-jawed traps."

"This isn't good– we have to get to them before someone else does"


Scott told me that Lydia and Alison required my assistance at Derek's loft – he also said that he'd handle Stiles and keep me updated.

"I didn't ask for it." I enter the loft and realise I'd just walked into an argument.

"But you're embracing it now, aren't you?– just like Nell is" Lydia and Alison turn to face me.

I smile and they turn back around "How about the fact that you brainwashed her and used her to bring yourself back to life?" I take a few steps towards them.

"So that I could be here today to help you master your abilities.– Isn't it amazing how things come full circle?" He laughs.

"He's insane. We're leaving." Alison grabs Lydia's arm and I shake my head.

"Hear him out"

"Why–" Lydia's interrupted by Peter.

"You want the truth, Lydia? It's not the scream that gives you power. All the scream does is help drown out the noise, allowing you to hear what you really need to." He turns to face me.

"I can help you both focus your hearing– just like I did with Evelyn" Peter mumbles the last part; gaining confused look from me.

"I didn't know you helped my mother with her Banshee abilities" Peter walks towards me.

"Of course you didn't– my nephew missed out some pretty big details. Anyways back to helping you, i will–" Alison cuts Peter off

"But you want something in return."

"No, I'm dedicating my life to helping out narcissistic teenage girls" he places a circular wooden box with a Triskele symbol carved into the lid onto the table.

"Of course I want something in return."