twenty one

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Derek, Scott and I sat in the lobby; waiting for the tests on Stiles to be done.

"So Kira and you found Stiles's aluminum baseball bat at the power station" Derek nods

"Stiles was definitely there at some point".

Unexpectedly, the buzzing noise I recently heard earlier today began to get more intense and ear-percing.

"Scott i hear something– the same buzzing noise i herd that time Kira was taken by Barrow" Derek stands.

"How loud is it?" he asks

"Very–" im cut off by the lights flickering violently, eventually bringing the hospital into total darkness.

A few minutes later the lights stir, flashing back on in seconds. I check my surroundings to see the Sheriff and Melissa bursting out of the test room.

"He's gone" my eyes widen

"What!" Scott jumps out of his seat.

"It gets worse" Melissa pauses while Stilinski holds up his sons brain scan and another.

"This is his mothers"

"It looks exactly the same" All of us exchange puzzled expressions.

"Almost like a replica" I mumble

"I'll get some officers looking for him" Stilinski grabs his radio from his belt.

"We'll start looking–" I freeze at the sound of an alarming and masculine scream. The agonizing strength of it made me instantly cover my ears.

"Nell what is it" I ignore Derek and focus on the scream for a while; long enough to identify who's it was.

"Isaac" i snap out of my ponderous thoughts as it suddenly comes to a stop– along with the buzzing noise.


Two days have passed since Stiles went missing and I haven't left Isaacs side. It turns out all the sounds I was hearing that night were signals of danger– that resulted in an electrical wire almost killing some civilians and severely injuring Isaac.

Kira somehow managed to prevent the wire from causing tons of damage, using her Kitsune powers that im yet to fully understand.

Since Stiles hasn't been seen for 48 hours now he's considered a missing person. Being so worried about two of my bests friends, I haven't slept since that night occurred. Its given me a lot of time to contemplate many issues that I've had to deal with lately; as well as time to research Kitsunes and the Nogitsune.

Sipping from my sixth cup of coffee today, I turn a page in the beastiary.

"I thought he'd be healing by now–" I glance up to see Scott, Alison and Melissa enter the room.

"Nell how long have you been in here for?" I shrug at Melissas query.

"I think Two days. also So did I" I sigh while closing the Beastiary.

"Is he in pain?" Scott places his hand on Isaacs; shaking his head.

"It won't heal him, but it helps with the pain."

"Did Stiles really do this?" Alison speaks up

"Whatever's controlling him did it.– Whatever's inside him."

"Well, then how do we get whatever's inside of him the hell out of him?" Melissa asks

"I'm working on it." Scott removes his hand from Isaacs.

"Me too– The thing is, in all of the stories, kitsune are tricksters. They're mischievous.
They don't really get caught up in right or wrong or even understand it." I refer to most of the new information I retrieved online.

"What's that mean? It's just doing this for the hell of it?" I shake my head

"No, there was something else I found. If you somehow offend a nogitsune, it can react pretty badly." Scott placed his hand on my shoulder.

"How do you offend a nogitsune?" I shrug

" I don't know. But if it's doing something this bad, then someone really, really offended it."