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                       •••"Stiles I thought we were going to your house" I say to him as we enter the hospital

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"Stiles I thought we were going to your house" I say to him as we enter the hospital.

"Yea..." he seems to be distracted by somthing.

I place my hand on his shoulder and he flinches. "Stiles why are we here?"

"Nell im going to try get a medical perspective on my problem– wait for me please I won't be long" I nod and we walk over to the front desk to see Melissa Mcall; a woman in her early 40s with tanned white skin, warm brown eyes, and long, wavy brown hair.

"Is everything ok?" I shake my head.

"Do you want to try waiting for one of the urgent care doctors or–" Melissa pauses as I think she noticed Stiles shivering.

"Stiles Are you all right?"

"I don't know– i guess not really." he puts his head on my shoulder.

"Nell don't leave me" i could feel that heartache sensation start to surface again. ignoring it, i glance at Melissa and she comes to assist me.

She leads us to a vacant room and we enter. I sit down on the bed next to Stiles and realise that he'd been crying onto my shirt

"So what's been happening Stiles" he raises his head from my shoulder.

"Blackouts but not for that long. And sleepwalking, which I used to do a lot as a kid– Um Also having some really bad anxiety"

"Panic attacks?" He nods

"Yeah, a couple. Oh, and I temporarily lost the ability to read." I sigh; thinking about how hard Stiles life has became since we found out about the Nemeton.

"I recall something vaguely about that, yes." She laughs and continues "How many hours of sleep are you getting?"


" A night?" I ask

"In the last three days." Melissa and I instantly exchange worried expressions.

Stiles started calculating somthing; using his fingers. "Yea, definitely eight"

"Been feeling irritable?" He nods

"Yeah. Possibly to the point of homicide."

"Inability to focus?" I observe Melissa taking notes.

"No, the Adderall's not working."

She scribbles somthing down "Impulsive behavior?

"More than my usual?– Hard to tell."

"Vivid dreams during the day?" He sighs

"Okay, basically all of the above– Do you know what this is?" Stiles grabs hold of my hand.

"I think so." I look up to see Melissa holding a needle.

"Uh, what's that?" I ask

"Stiles do you trust me?"

"When you're not holding a needle." He nervously laughs.

"It's Midazolam, a sedative." Stiles squeezes my hand as the needle is pushed into his arm.

"Why'd you give me a sedative?" Melissa places the empty syringe next to her notes.

"Because you, Stiles, are one profoundly sleep-deprived young man.– You need rest and you need it now." He nods and looks at me.

"Nell go help Scott" I was about to reply but received a hug from Stiles.

I break away from it and stand up "Lie down"

"Okay, how long's it take to... Oh Not long at all." Stiles lays down and I start to see the sedative begin work.

"Get some rest." He grabs hold of Melissa's hand and nods; closing his eyes.

"Thanks mom" Melissa looks at me and I catch sight of a tear forming in her eye. I walk over to her and she embraces me with a hug. my lower lip was beginning to tremble as I felt myself starting to cry.

"Hes going to be fine Nell– don't worry"