thirty three

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                      ••• Picking up speed, i advance towards the figure and see i was correct about it being Stiles

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Picking up speed, i advance towards the figure and see i was correct about it being Stiles.

But somthing wasn't right– his eyes that once danced with light are now vacant and troubled, his complexion waxy and pale. The worst part is It doesn't look like he's getting better.

Stiles walks up to me slowly and pulls me close to him, his embrace was warm, but i could feel him shivering as he wrapped his arms around my frail body. The world around me melted away as I squeeze him back, knowing that I had my wingman back.

"What are you doing here?"

"I Came to get you" he paused "we need to talk".

We part and i assist Stiles in sitting down; joining him afterwards.

"So how long have you had a crush on me for?" my eyes widen and he doesn't give me a chance to respond.

"I saw everything Nell– it was like I was stuck in a everlasting sleep paralysis state" I sigh, knowing there was no point of trying to push my feelings to the side and make up bizarre excuses. Its time to tell him the truth.

"A few years"

"Why didn't you tell me?–" I interrupt Stiles

"Its not that simple, I didn't want to tell you and loose the friendship we have developed over the years– I've always known you'd never feel the same because of Lydia" he sighs and I feel a tear roll down my cheek.

"Is that why you kissed Void?" I hesitate, looking at the tortured expression on his face gave me a sense of regret.

"I had to gain his trust, no one else seemd to be getting any closer to stopping it and he had a soft spot for me– which I could use to my advantage " before Stiles can respond I continue. "When Scott and I went into your head the Nogitsune came to me and said if I helped him, he'd left you go"

"Your the reason he let me go" Stiles purses his lips.

"Yeah, I have a plan to get rid of the Nogitsune for good."

"Im not letting you risk your life for me again" I place my hand on his shoulder.

"While your thinking of what to do next he's already 10 steps ahead with checkmate in sight. you've got to let me finish what I started–" I suddenly freeze mid sentence as a dark vibe fills the air; along with that same female scream.

The scream tore through me like a great shard of glass. I felt my eyes widen and pulse quicken, my heart thudding like a rock in a rattling box. My ears straining for more sounds, more clues as to who's it was.

"Nell your ears are bleeding" I ignore Stiles and focus on the scream, trying exceptionally hard to identify it.

All of a sudden it hit me as someone being stabbed abruptly flashes before my eyes, making me let out the loudest and most uncontrolled scream I've ever done– it was Alison.

I cant believe I didn't realize earlier, it was Alison's scream the whole time. The two of us weren't super close but I'd consider her to be one of my best friends, she was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. and now she's gone...

I snap out of my thoughts when her scream comes to an end, along with mine which had knocked Stiles out cold.

"That isn't good" im startled by someone's dulcet tone. I turn  to see Void crack a smile.

"Im not leaving him"

"You don't have to" he pauses "just meet me in the chemistry classroom at school in 4 hours" he plants a kiss on my forehead before leaving.

I turn my focus back to Stiles and place my hands on his cheeks. "Stiles?" One of his eyes open and I pull him into another hug.

"Nell what happened?" He asks

"Its Alison. she's dead"