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                      •••"You guys going to be doing this all day?" I approach Scott, Ethan and Adien

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"You guys going to be doing this all day?" I approach Scott, Ethan and Adien.

"All day. All night." He groans

"Is this about being in the pack?" The twins shake their heads in unison.

"This is about you being the target of demonic ninjas." I chuckle

"Is that what we're calling them these days?" I observe the small smile that appears on Ethan's lips; disappearing almost instantly.

"I don't need anyone to protect me."

"They were looking right at you when the sun came up" Aiden states.

"Nell and Argent think that they could just come out at night." the twins glance at me.

"Since this is our first experience with demonic ninjas, we're thinking we should play it safe." I nod.

"Just let them do it Scott" i pat him on the shoulder.

"All day." Ethan smiles

"And all night."

abruptly i wince in pain as that same heartache feeling I had experienced a few days ago returns. But this time it felt different, like someone had pulled my heart out and not stabbed it.

"Nell you good?" I look up at Scott whilst trying to keep a straight face– However inside it hurt so bad that it made me want to scream out in pain.

"Yea–" i freeze as the pain stops "im fine".

"Okay, one thing first. Me and Nell need to talk to Stiles to let him know everything that happened last night" he pauses "Without you two." The twins look at eachother.

"No" Adien snaps.

"Yes and I don't want you listening in– No wolf hearing." Scott scowls at the twins.

"How would you even know?"

"I'm a true Alpha. You have no idea what I can do..." Scott flashes his eyes at the twins and the two of us head towards the Chemistry classroom; where Stiles told us to meet him.

"Can you actually do that" he shrugs.

"Never tried to" i laugh and see Stiles pacing outside. 

"Hey Stilinski, what's wrong?" I ask

"At the party you were talking about phosphors and the key having chemicals on it, right?" I nod

"And so that made me think of the chemistry closet and the fact that someone had to let Barrow in" we enter the classroom and I immediately see the coded message had disappeared.

"It's gone"

"Okay, it doesn't matter though. It doesn't matter– I've still got the key." he pauses and looks at his keys with wide eyes. "I had it here. I had it here this morning,i swear to God, I had it this morning–" I interrupt Stiles

"Stiles breath–" he cuts me off.

"You saw the key last night didn't you Nell?" I nod


"I was here a couple of hours ago. And the message left to Barrow spelling Kira's name was right there on the board– in my handwriting and I had the key to the chemistry closet." Stiles starts pacing again.

Scott speaks up. "So you unlocked the chemistry closet so Barrow could hide in it from the cops and then you wrote him a message to kill Kira?"

He stops "I know how it sounds But look at this– This is the news report that came out about Barrow when they caught him, okay? He put nuts, bolts and screws in the shrapnel bomb that he used. and then he hid the bomb and the detonator in a box that he wrapped as a birthday present." I walk over to Stiles and help him sit down.

"What does that sound like to you?" He asks

"Coach" Scott looks just puzzled as me.

"The joke we played on Coach, that was my idea– you remember?" I notice how shaky he is and place his hand in mine.

"That's coincidence." He looks me in the eyes. but my attention is drawn to the dark bags underneath them.

"It can't be."

"I don't want to sound like I'm trying to tell you that you're wrong– But I don't think you're trying to kill people either." Scott sighs

"It was here, It was all here."

"Stiles are you feeling okay You're looking really tired." I start to get really worried and that feeling occurs for a split second; disappearing when he speaks.

"Yeah, I'm fine– I just haven't been sleeping really" Stiles kept gazing at his hands, then back up at Scott and I.

"Why don't we take you home so you can have a sick day and get some rest" Stiles nods at me.

"Nell you go. I have the twins watching me all day"

"Ok" watch Scott head towards the door.

He turns around "were going to figure this out Stiles, don't worry."