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                       •••Scott, Isaac and i make it to the hospital rooftop

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Scott, Isaac and i make it to the hospital rooftop. "Is he here?"

We've been searching for Stiles for around an hour now and there's still no sign of him anywhere.  "Not anymore" I sigh

"You mean the whole building?–" Derek interrupts Scott.


"I'll go tell Stilinski." Isaac speaks up.

"And see if you can find Allison. She's not answering her phone." Isaac nods at Scott before dashing through the door.

"Notice how strong the scent is up here? Ever hear of chemo signals? Chemical signals that communicate emotion. And just our sweat can give off anger, fear or disgust."

"Interesting" I mumble,
suddenly hearing a scream that sounded familiar; but it wasn't the same one i heard a few days ago. This one sounded more masculine, shaky and troubled.

"Take a deep breath and tell me what you feel." Scott does as instructed.

"Stress and anxiety– What was he doing up here?" Derek shrugs

"I don't know– But there was definitely some kind of struggle."

"With who?" I look up

"Himself." Derek and Scott look up at me.

"I can hear him screaming– and it keeps getting louder" I shut my eyes and cover my ears.

"Derek take Nell and keep searching. Lydia thinks she's found something" I feel someone place their hands on my shoulders and lead me off the roof.

Stiles's scream started to depress until it had completely died out. Opening my eyes, I see Derek had taken me to a hospital room.

"You ok?" I nod

"It's stopped"

"Good– hey have you seen this before?" Derek holds up a familiar book with black, cursive lettering on.

It was his Diary

"Your heart rate just increased." I stay scilent.

"So you were the one who went through my trunk" I nod; knowing that there's no point trying to deny it.

"Yes. I wanted to know how my mother died, and since you didn't specify when it was time–" he cuts me off

"Nell, I only have part of the story and You don't want to know" I shake my head.

"But I do" I sigh

"Fine..." Derek opens his diary and hands it to me.

"Read this and then tell me if you still want to know" I take the leather book and look at the page.

                DEAR DIARY

Peter has wanted everything to do with Evelyn since he found out she was a banshee.

I've now caught them kissing, sneaking around and being careless– Its like the two of them are unaware of everyone else around them and its driving me insane.

But theres somthing about Evelyn that bugs me. Peter might be head over heels for her but she doesn't return a great amount of affection for him.

I spoke with my mother about the issue and she agrees with me. Laura even said that she's seen her with other men around town; showing the same amount of attention for them as she does for Peter.

Derek closes the book and i look over at him with Furrowed eyebrows.

"Whats this suppose to mean" he laughs

"Isn't it obvious?" I shake my head and hand him the book back.

"Your mother was a snake, she turned Peter into a lovestruck werewolf who became so careless that he left the door unlocked one night; Allowing Kate Argent to get into the Hale house and set it alight. Then she saved herself and left Peter to die – if Evelyn wasn't leading him on in the first place the Hale house would still be intact." Derek vacates out of the room, leaving me speechless.