twenty six

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                        •••Anxiously I await Stiles's arrival, Ms Morell left me in her office whilst she tends to her duties and I've been waiting for sometime now

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Anxiously I await Stiles's arrival, Ms Morell left me in her office whilst she tends to her duties and I've been waiting for sometime now.

I study the surroundings and my eyes fall onto somthing that stands out to me. Leaving my seat, i walk towards a cabinet– filled with different types of pills.

All of a sudden two familiar voices came into earshot. I recognized them and quickly sit back in the chair; pretending to occupy myself on my phone.

"Nell?" I slip my phone into my pocket and turn around to seen Stiles in my perpetual vision.

It didn't take me long to notice how physically sick, tired and nervous he looked. I stand up and Before being able process anything else im pulled into a warm hug.

"I've missed my witty and sarcastic wingman" he laughs as we part.

"Im the wingman Monroe– really?" A genuine smile forms on my lips, soon disappearing when my attention is brought to a particularly strange mark on Stiles's neck.

"What's that" i gently run my fingers over it, Stiles opens his mouth to talk but stops as Morell speaks up.

"It's called a Lichtenberg figure.
They appear on lightning strike victims.– The fact that they're appearing on you after a shot of Wolf Lichen is both significant and strange." Ms Morell pulls Stiles's shirt up; revealing his back which also shared the mark.

"By significant and strange do you mean hopeful and optimistic?" She shakes her head.

"When the marks fade, the Nogitsune's grip over you will return." I watch Morell get somthing out of the drug cabinet I was interested in earlier.

She hands a small circular container of drugs to Stiles "What are these? Sleeping pills?"

"Amphetamines. Sleeping is exactly what you don't want to do.– You're vulnerable when you're asleep."

"So all he has to do is stay awake?" I ask

"For now." she pauses "If Nell and your other friends haven't figured out something by the time those marks are gone, I'll come find you."

"To tell me what to do?–" Morell interupts.

"No, to give you an injection of Pancuronium Bromide.– It causes respiratory paralysis." My eyes widen and I detect Stiles beginning to panic.

"That sounds a lot like death." He states.

"It's used for lethal injection, yes." I grab Stiles's hand; hoping it calms his nerves.

"So when the Nogitsune takes over, you're going to kill him?!" I practically shout, reviving a alarming look from Morell.

"I'm going to do what I've always done.– Maintain the balance."

Stiles pulls me over to a side "Nell I need your help to get through this. I've been in the basement before– and I think theres somthing in there that could help" he speaks quietly

"So whats the plan?" I ask

"Hide in the storage cupboard outside, i have two people willing to help me get the keys and when I have retrieved them I'll come find you"

I nod and two of us exchange one last hug. "Stay awake Stiles".

"I'll try" he turns to face Ms Morell "I've missed our talks and thanks for the illicit drugs." I wave goodbye and Stiles exits.

I hope this works.


It felt like hours had passed by as time seemed to go super slow and there was no sign of Stiles. Every so often I'd check my phone in hope that there was a drastic change in time– but unfortunately it'd only escalate by a few minutes.

Even though Stiles instructed me to stay, my subconscious kept telling me to take matters into my own hands. The heartache that has been occurring still remains present and makes me want to scream.

Eventually after discussing the pros and cons with myself; very quietly. I decided to take a chance and try to find a way into the basement myself.

I quietly open the door to see a familiar brown-haired girl pacing around the corridor, she freezes and turns to face me.

It was the coyote girl who disappeared in the car crash; named Malia. "Your Stiles's friend right?"

"Yeah have you seen him" i approach her and she smiles at me.

"He got caught– but is in here"
she points at a nearby door.

"So how are we getting in–" im cut of as Malia kicks the door down.

"How did you do that" i ask

"Were-coyote" she laughs and we both enter; seeing Stiles onconscious.

The two of us kneel down next to him and Malia starts repeatedly shaking Stiles– untill his eyes shot open and he starts breathing heavily.

"Shh! Shut up." Malia lets go of Stiles.

"How did you get in here?" He asks

"Malia broke the lock." She smiles

"If I concentrate I can be pretty strong."

"He took the pills Nell" i place my hand on Stiles's shoulder.

"It's gonna be fine" Malia stands up.

"Come on, There's another way to the basement.Through the Closed Unit. – Where they keep the real psychos."

"Great" Stiles laughs at my attempted sarcasm, I help him onto his feet and the two of us follow Malia.

Wandering through the closed unit, I took the time to examine all of the patients we passed. Some looked terrified and the others not human. Stiles hadn't let go of my hand since we left the cell-like room and sadly this made the heartache pain even worse; which confused me dearly.

We get to the end of the corridor and Malia opens the door to the basement– then furrows her eyebrows at Stiles and i.

"Are you two dating or–" Stiles interrupts

"What! No..." I observe his cheeks turn red.

"Are you blushing Stilinski?" I chuckle at my comment that made Stiles more embarrassed.

"I like you already Nell" Malia smiles and we proceede into the basement.