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                       •••Studying my surroundings, I feel a tear roll down my cheek

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Studying my surroundings, I feel a tear roll down my cheek. Earlier I came to check on Stiles and what I found was terrifying.

His walls looked like a collage. Multiple pictures were pinned to them; with red string connected to a distinct few. The strings were all attached to a pair of silver craft scissors that had been stabbed into Stiles's mattress.

Lydia and Aiden arrived a few minutes ago, I observe their confused expressions as Lydia explained what she knew; pulling me into a hug in the process.

"Stiles is really missing–" I am cut off by a familiar voice.

"How did you know? Did he call you too?" I break away from Lydia's grasp to See Isaac and Scott.

"Nell was already here and I heard it." The two boys examine the walls; looking just as confused as the rest of us.

I see Aiden notice their faces "Don't ask. It gets more confusing when you ask."


"Not as confusing as this." Isaac points at the silver scissors.

"He uses red for unsolved cases." I say, becoming fixated in a certain part of the wall.

"Maybe he thinks he's part of an unsolved case?–" Scott is cut off by Isaac.

"Or is an unsolved case."

"Hold on. Is he still out there? You don't know where he is?" Lydia asks

"He said he was in an industrial basement somewhere– We came here to get a better scent." Scott picks up one of Stiles's shirts and hands it to Isaac.

"What else did he say?"

"Something's wrong with his leg. It's bleeding And he's freezing–" Lydia cuts Scott off.

"Tonight's the coldest night of the year. What did his dad say?"

"We didn't tell him yet." I look up, unexpectedly hearing numerous whispers echo around the room.

"Stiles is bleeding and freezing and you didn't call his dad?" I raise my voice, trying to neglect the whispers.

"He made me promise not to– We can find him by scent.
If he was sleepwalking he couldn't have gotten far, right? "

"You didn't notice his Jeep is gone, did you? You promised you wouldn't call his dad. I didn't." Lydia pulls her phone out of her pocket.

"Wait, Lydia, hold on. I can call Derek, Allison–" she interrupts again.

"Everyone except for the cops. Great idea."

"You guys remember she gets these feelings when someone's about to die, right?" Aiden speaks up.

"You don't have to call his dad. It's five minutes to the station" Isaac drops Stiles's shirt.

I run my hand against the wall, concentrating on the whispers that soon became understandable– They kept repeating my name.

Lydia clears her throat "Aiden and i will stay. There's something here." I freeze at a certain part of the wall.

"Yeah. Evidence of total insanity." I sigh, Isaac was right, Stiles had a small part of his wall dedicated to the things I've been hearing. This part of the wall was where the most red strings were located.

"Nell lets go" Isaac snaps me out of my contemplation as he grabs my hand and leads me out of the room.

"Are you ok?" I shake my head.

"I herd my name when I touched the wall" Isaac sighs

"Do you think it has something to do with Stiles?" I nod

"I think we only know half of the problems he's been dealing with"