twenty three

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                     •••Peter opens the wooden box and tips a set of claws out onto the table

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Peter opens the wooden box and tips a set of claws out onto the table. "These are the claws of My sister Talia. Before she died, she stole a memory from me."

"Is that even possible?" I ask

"It's something only a very powerful alpha can do and That memory is locked inside those claws."

"Why would your sister want to steal a memory from you?" Alison asks

"Well, if I remembered the memory, I might be able to tell you." He looks up at Lydia

"Focus on the claws" A few minutes pass and I watch as Peter starts to grow impatient.


"I am focusing!" Lydia shouts.

"You're not! I can see the wheels spinning behind your eyes.– Your hearing is attuned to a level of the universe no one else can hear. But only if you're listening."

"I'm trying." I could tell Lydia had no clue what she was suppose to be doing.

"Try harder!" Peter turns his attention off Lydia and walks towards Alison.

"Your aunt had one of those– Aunty Kate." He refers to the weapon Alison was grasping.

"Stop it" Peter ignores me.

"it Didn't do her much good as I ripped her throat out, did it?–" hes interrupted by Lydia.

"Stop it!" Lydia screams and Talias claws fly towards the wall; sticking into it. The three of us swivel to see her looking distressed.

"Lydia? Lydia, did you hear something? – What are they saying? Is it the memory? What did Talia take from me?– Tell me what she knew!" Lydia stares at Peter.

"You're not just an uncle" she grabs Alison and turns toward me– I shake my head and the two of them exit Derek's loft.

Peter sits down on the couch and I sit next to him. "Why are you still here?" He asks, deep in contemplation.

"I know it's a bad time but–"

"You want to know about Evelyn?" I nod

"Its not a bad time, thinking about her might help me make sense of the situation" Peter stands up and pulls the claws out of the wall.

"We can either do this the easy way–" I cut him off.

"You want to use Talia's claws?"

"That is correct. Talia and your mother had a strong bond" Peter puts the claws back into the Triskele box. He then places his hand into it and flinches.

"Did it work" Peter removes his had from the box; the claws attached to his fingernails.

"Of course" he stands behind me.

"Are you sure about this?" I nod

"Im sick of being in the dark about it" he chuckles

"Just to warn you– it may sting"

before I could reply i felt a sharp pain originate in my neck; before spreading throughout my body. Wincing in pain, I tried to scream but no noise came out of my mouth.

Knowledge flooded my thoughts, facts and images, memories and details flashed before my eyes as I tried to process what I was currently seeing.

Derek was right, but not about everything. my mother and Peter were intimately together – but so were Derek and Alison's Aunt Kate....

All of a sudden i snap back into reality as Peter removes the claws and sits next to me.

"Derek and Kate–" he interrupts.

"I know, it wasn't entirely your mother and my fault" i take my phone out of my pocket to check the time and saw I had revived a text from Scott.

"What is it?" Peter asks

"I gotta go to the animal clinic– thanks for your help" I smile before taking off.