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Stiles x avengers by IWriteStuffWowNoWay
Stiles x avengersby IWriteStuffWowNoWay
Stiles x avengers. Do I need to say more? I will anyways Stiles has powers. Yup. Skinny, defenseless, Stiles has powers. Ranked #1 in StilesStilinski (Thank you by the...
  • captainamerica
  • nickfury
  • philcoulson
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SAVING GRACE | DOB by -voidskywalker
SAVING GRACE | DOBby sleepy bby
"I never knew love before you." in which the assassin tries to kill the president's daughter, but ends up falling in love with her instead. [dob] [book one] [a...
  • wattys2018
  • dylan
  • love
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The Stilinski twin | Aiden by random_shuck
The Stilinski twin | Aidenby Team_24
When Haley Grace Stilinski was awoken one night by her brother- bat in hand and begging her to 'find a dead body.' She didn't realise saying yes would screw her life up...
  • stilinkski
  • wattys2017
  • mccall
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3:00 am ⇒ Liam Dunbar [1] by -sweetladyx
3:00 am ⇒ Liam Dunbar [1]by Quinn ♡
3:00 AM. ❝ Liam, do you know what time it is? ❞ ❝ 3:00 am. So what? I wanted to see you. ❞ [liam dunbar x oc] [Teen Wolf: Season 4-5A] first book of the g.stilinski duol...
  • maliatate
  • scottmcall
  • liam
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Luna Krasikeva Hale by redqueen216
Luna Krasikeva Haleby redqueen216
What if Paige and Derek had a daughter? Luna Krasikeva Hale. After Paige's death, Derek was heartbroken, he made a promise to her that he'll protect their little Luna...
  • stilesstilinski
  • teenwolf
  • jacksonwhittemore
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Gasoline • Martin. by magnusbanes-
Gasoline • alejandra☆
"I came here to get rid of the supernatural but something is stopping me from doing that." "Yes, but it's a who not a what." [SLOW UPDATES] [teen wol...
  • lydiamartin
  • scottmccall
  • nateargent
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Unsteady || Sterek by Bekka911
Unsteady || Sterekby Bekka
He isn't okay. Then again, he hasn't been okay for a very long time || COMPLETED || | #2 in the Sterek tag | | #1 in the Hale tag |
  • derekhale
  • sterek
  • sterekfanfic
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Pup~ Teenwolf by ortizmia34
Pup~ Teenwolfby ortizmia34
Scott McCall finds a pup
  • stilesstilinski
  • derek
  • scottmccall
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The Perks Of Being A Pregnant Teenage Boy by Bobbylein
The Perks Of Being A Pregnant Bobbylein
Stiles and Derek have been dating for over a year and kept it a secret. But the secret is about to come out because well....who could have known males could get pregnant...
  • scottisnotanalpha
  • mpreg
  • melissamccall
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The Other McCall ✢ Stilinski | 1 by stilesbiles
The Other McCall ✢ Stilinski | 1by stilesbiles
❝You don't care about getting hurt. But you know how I feel? I'll be devastated. And if you die, I will literally go out of my freakin' mind.❞ Scott McCall and Stacey Mc...
  • teenwolfseasontwo
  • funny
  • love
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It's My Job (Mitch Rapp/Teen Wolf Cross Over) by Piper5
It's My Job (Mitch Rapp/Teen Clare
Stiles Stilinski vanishes after the Dread Doctors incident. Years later he comes back. A changed man.
  • mitch
  • mitchrapp
  • stilesfanfic
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Never Easier (TW/Avengers) by megantxl_
Never Easier (TW/Avengers)by fandomsss_
Stiles is kicked out, so he decides to leave Beacon Hills. But when he does, he's a potential criminal. The Avengers are after him, and he has no where to go.
  • stiles
  • avengers
  • tw
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YOUTH || Liam Dunbar  [1] by Banana__Bread
YOUTH || Liam Dunbar [1]by Hannah
CAN I TRUST YOU? "Are you sure you're okay? I called, like, twice." "Yeah, I guess I was just off in my own little world." [LIAM DUNBAR X OC] [TEEN W...
  • stilesstilinski
  • teenfiction
  • sterek
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The Hale Sister {Scott McCall} by void-elle
The Hale Sister {Scott McCall}by elle
Athena Hale is in for a shock when she wakes up in a bank vault with her supposedly dead sister and two beta wolves from the local town. She's in for more of a shock wh...
  • scottmccall
  • derekhale
  • season3
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Silver • Stiles Stilinski {1}  ✔ by SourwolfSeblaine
Silver • Stiles Stilinski {1} ✔by LJ
❝Your parents named you Silver?❞ ❝Your parents named you Stiles?❞ - Season 1 & Season 2 /
  • seaosn1
  • stilinski
  • stilesstilinski
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Little Prince & Daddy // Sterek by avancer-
Little Prince & Daddy // Sterekby Idk
A collection of sterek ageplay fics written by me
  • werewolf
  • stilesfanfic
  • comfort
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Mama Hale by LenaHamilton9
Mama Haleby Lena Hamilton
Lyrica Hale, wife of Derek Hale, teaches Music Ed. at a school called Beacon Hills High School. She's a werewolf, obviously. The day she was turned, a mark appeared on t...
  • stilesstilinski
  • scottmccall
  • werewolf
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Human ( Stiles x Avengers ) by jesst35672
Human ( Stiles x Avengers )by Just_another_person
Stiles, skinny defenceless Stiles. Who would of thought that he would ever have enough of the supernatural world? But after being the sidekick, the victim, a murderer...
  • stilesstilinski
  • phil
  • philcoulson
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I'm A Mikaelson Not A Stilinski by SammiGirl15
I'm A Mikaelson Not A Stilinskiby Samantha01
The pack has recently been neglecting Stiles they leave him out of everything. The reason because he's the weak human of the group but as it so happens Stiles actually i...
  • rebekahmikaelson
  • elijahmikaelson
  • genimmikaelson
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IT'S MADI ↦ Teen Wolf by bitchtalknoshit
IT'S MADI ↦ Teen Wolfby Amy 🥰
Madison Argent moves to Beacon Hills with her mother Kate to live with her cousin, Allison. Madi has always lived in Allison's shadow but maybe, just maybe, it's Madi's...
  • ff
  • teenwolf
  • stydia
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