thirty four

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"Are your ok Nell?" Kira's mom asks.

Once I managed to get Stiles out of the abandoned building, i was told by Scott to take him straight to Kira's house as aparently her mom has dealt with a Nogitsune before.

Kira's mom, Noshiko is a 900 year old kitsune of a Japanese heritage who has tan skin, shiny long black hair, and dark brown eyes. She seems to be very protective of her family and determined to kill the Nogitsune; that she aparently summoned.

"Im fine" I send Noshiko a weak smile as she hands Stiles and i a mug each, filled with a hot liquid. "Here, it'll calm you"

"What is it?" I inhale and recognize the scent – it was very earthy and had a slight musk.


"What? Like magic tea?" I chuckle and take a sip.

"No, chamomile tea– Drink it." I watch Stiles taste the tea, pulling a weird face afterwards.

Kira enters the room in a rush, I could tell she was worried about somthing. "He's not safe here."

"He's not safe anywhere."

"But Allison killed one of them. Doesn't that mean something" I shrug

"She killed an Oni. Is that even possible?" Stiles places his tea on the coffee table.

"I'm not sure how." Noshiko furrows her eyebrows.

"But she did it– She killed one of them."

"Yeah, and then they killed her. Allison's dead." Stiles stops
mid sentence and hesitates.

"Now I guess the only good thing is it looks like I'm dying, too." I sigh, noticing the cold sweat glisten on his furrowed brow. With hands clasped tightly in front of his stomach, he constantly fiddled with his knuckles, weaving his fingers in and out of eachother.

"He made a powerful move by splitting the two of you." I drink the remainder of my tea and keep hold of the mug; obtaining the warmth that came off it.

"Nell's the one who managed to pursued him to" both Kira and Nosiko's turn to face me.

"How?" Kira sits on the couch.

"I gained his trust– then he asked me to help him and said if I did he'd release Stiles" I place my empty mug next to Stiles's.

"Anyways what's our move going to be?" I ask

Noshiko lays out a game board and I notice its the same one from when Scott and I were inside of Stiles's head "At this point, you need a divine move.–"

"What's that?" Stiles interrupts, his eyes focused on the board.

She continues "In the game of Go, it's what we call a truly inspired, or out-of-the-box move.– The Nogitsune has had sente, the advantage, until this point. What you need is a divine move in order to turn the game around."

"Okay, so is anyone feeling divinely inspired?" I pick up one of the white game peices and examine it, seeing it resembles the shape of a small chocolate; covered by an outer shell.

"Mom, you said you trapped it in a glass jar, right? Noshiko nods

"It wasn't the jar that trapped it. It was where I buried it. The Nemeton. A place I don't know too much about."

"Who does?" Kira stands again.

"Deaton– Deaton does."

"Stiles is right, Deaton was the one who told us about the Nemeton in the first place" I state.

"I'll call Scott" Noshiko shakes her head.

"Nell you need to get to the school and meet the Nogitsune" I sigh, checking the time on my phone and seeing almost four hours had passed since my last encounter with void.

"Kira and I will go warn the others– Nell be careful please" Stiles wraps his arms around me, causing a smile to appear on my face. A few seconds pass and we part, I thank Kira's mom for the tea and head for the school.