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                      •••"Eight years ago, almost an entire family died in a car accident

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"Eight years ago, almost an entire family died in a car accident. A young girl named Malia was never found" Stiles pulls out his phone and shows me a picture of a girl with long brown hair.

"Thats her?" He nods

"But get this, two of the bodies were still in the car covered in bites and slashes" i look at Scott.

"So you're thinking she's supernatural and somehow disguised as an animal– correct?" Scott nods

"exactly, i have a scent and with your skills we should be able to find another clue" Stiles sighs

"Im here too remember" I laugh

"Don't worry Stilinski your a vital part of this trio" i turn to see Scott already beginning to search; the two of us follow close behind.

Scott stops at some kind of gap inbetween a large rock. "I think this is it"

All at one I start to hear the same screams I heard before. squeezing my eyes shut, a new feeling dawns– almost like someone had repeatedly stabbed me in the heart.

"Hey Nell are you ok?" I feel a cold hand touch my shoulder; bouncing me back into reality.

I open my Eyes to see Scott and Stiles standing before me, They look concerned.

"Im fine" i move Stiles hand from my shoulder "lets go see what you found".

Stiles takes the lead and is the first to enter the hole in the rocks. Inside was cramped and filled with a few essentials needed to survive in the wilderness.

"Is this some kind of coyote den?-" i cut Scott off.

"Werecoyote" the two boys stop what they're doing and turn to face me.

"Your joking right?" I shake my head

" You see this? This is Malia's.
Remember, it's the same one she was wearing in the photo." The fear of being hunted by a new supernatural threat makes me nervous.

"We shouldn't be in here. She might have left somthing important and want to retrieve it" i suggest

"What do you mean? She's not going to come back now"

"We just invaded her home.
Our scent's going to be everywhere." Scott makes a fair point, i notice the scratch marks on the stone floor.

"If she's not going to come back here, where's she going to go?" I say, running my fingers along the multiple marks on the ground.

Everytime my hand touched a individual mark i herd another familiar sond, but not the same one as before. This time it sounded like their was alot of people talking loudly; almost like school...

"A place that's overcrowded, so she can stay hidden– i dont know" i sigh

"Can you track her now? You think you got her scent?" Scott shrugs

"Maybe. But I'm better at this when I'm a full wolf. And I'm still worried that if I do it, I won't be able to turn back."

"The door's still open." I point out.

"If I can't get to Derek, we're gonna have to find someone else to help..." Scott pauses "This is basically a crime scene, right? I think it might be a little out of my boss's league-"Stiles interrupts.

"And more in my dad's."