A Vampire In Beacon Hills by Gerlithequeen
A Vampire In Beacon Hillsby Gerli
Book 1 Corina Argent is the twin sister of Alison Argent. They moved from San Francisco to Beacon Hills. But what happened exactly with her in SF that was changing Corin...
  • peter
  • stilinski
  • banshee
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Mini McCall🐾 Aiden love story🐾 by Tyler_jade
Mini McCall🐾 Aiden love story🐾by Tyler🍰
Maisy McCall grew up fascinated with the supernatural world never knowing for sure if it existed, but always believing in it. She was never afraid while thinking it coul...
  • lydiamartain
  • aiden
  • fanfic
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Crash Into Me - A Derek Hale Story by mrsamgreer
Crash Into Me - A Derek Hale Storyby Amber Greer
"I'm drawn to you. I don't know why I am but I am. It's like there is this anchor or something pulling me to you. It's like I love you. I'm not supposed to but I th...
  • carrigan
  • teenwolf
  • scottmccall
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Pup~ Teenwolf by ortizmia34
Pup~ Teenwolfby ortizmia34
Scott McCall finds a pup
  • alison
  • derek
  • wattys2017
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Hybrid  by Bee9018
Hybrid by Tribrid ❦
Riley Marshall just moved from New Orleans to Beacon Hills to start over with her mother. Little did she know that she will be entering a world of the supernatural such...
  • issaclahey
  • peterhale
  • hybrid
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anchor » scott mccall by purestilinskii
anchor » scott mccallby milena
"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the pe...
  • teenwolf
  • teen
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Gentleman (A Lydia Martin Fanfiction) by XxMegHDxX
Gentleman (A Lydia Martin XxMegHDxX
In which a prince finds his princess. Teen Wolf Season 2-3 Lydia Martin x OC I only own my character and his story. The rest belongs to the rightful owner of Teen Wolf.
  • prince
  • scott
  • princess
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rogue wolf [teen wolf] by super_wolf_diaries
rogue wolf [teen wolf]by bananas
She's not exactly your average fifteen-year-old. Alex has been alone for six years now, jumping from place to place with no family. Until she meets a scarred - literall...
  • mccallpack
  • werewolves
  • love
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The Monster Inside ✴ Scott. M by Lokitty101
The Monster Inside ✴ Scott. Mby Lokitty101
Astrid Freydis Mikaelson is an original vampire who moved to Beacon Hills to get away from all her supernatural problems. Little does she know, beacon hills is filled wi...
  • comedy
  • theoriginals
  • originalvampire
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Unsteady - Liam Dunbar [2] (Teen Wolf) by voidlessstiles
Unsteady - Liam Dunbar [2] (Teen Andria
"I wish you would look at me, the way you look at her" Evelyn Hale comes back in Beacon Hills after 6 months. However the moment she set her feet in that place...
  • teenwolf
  • scott
  • stiles
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Attraction | Theo Raeken by mendessoon
Attraction | Theo Raekenby mendessoon
[5] Beacon Hills - a place full of bad experience for Alessia Hale. Since the fire of the Hale house and the loss of most of her family members, she never wanted to turn...
  • peterhale
  • bretttalbot
  • liamdunbar
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Maka • Stiles Stilinski [ ✔ ] by Uncharted_TLOU_13
Maka • Stiles Stilinski [ ✔ ]by Estrela Winchester
❝There is no death...only a change of worlds.❞ ••• Maka Redsky, the girl you probably ignored in school, the girl you most likely overlooked, And the girl that no one...
  • scallison
  • projectbadassgirls
  • supernatural
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venomous • stiles stilinski • one by _xxdzxx_
venomous • stiles stilinski • oneby —𝒅
[ season 1 of teen wolf ] [ stiles stilinski x female oc ] [ spoiler alert ]
  • teenwolf
  • zoeydeutch
  • teenwolfcast
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Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken TW by mikkiandnackk
Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken TWby kinda here
"Where there is love there is no sin... unless you're in love with Theo Raeken." Entering her senior year alongside the pack, Kendall Argent is reminded exactl...
  • theoraeken
  • ghostrider
  • isaaclahey
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PHOENIX || liam dunbar by irishscorpio
PHOENIX || liam dunbarby i r i s h
❝ Go and claim your kingdom, then enslave all your demons. Come on, come on, come on, come on. I know you know where you belong ❞ Mieczyslain "Star" Stilinski...
  • wattys2018
  • dunbar
  • mccall
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moondust ( scott mccall ) by upsidedowneggo
moondust ( scott mccall )by coraline
she was a witch who ran with wolves. cover by @emalines femaleoc x scott mccall teen wolf season 4-6
  • truealpha
  • liamdunbar
  • scottmccall
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Death Dealer ~ Derek Hale (Teen Wolf) by darlingrose19
Death Dealer ~ Derek Hale (Teen darlingrose19
~ Miranda Quinn ~ Her parnets died when she was young. So Rafe and Melissa McCall took her in. When they separated Rafe got custody of Miranda and Melissa got custody o...
  • hybrid
  • romance
  • fanfic
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❝Derek Hale, your bitch ass is stuck with me for life now.❞ In which Derek Hale's pregnant first love comes back from the dead. [DEREK HALE x OC] [SEASON 3] [SEQUAL OUT...
  • wolfpack
  • scottmccall
  • lydiamartin
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QUIT! by siIvermist
𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐎 𝐑𝐀𝐄𝐊𝐄𝐍 ❛ i can't quit you, theo raeken. ❜ ━━━ theo raeken x oc te...
  • khylinrhambo
  • maliatate
  • theoraeken
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So Cold ▹ Scott McCall [1] by kellymesweetz
So Cold ▹ Scott McCall [1]by Kelly
❝I need you, Scott McCall. I just fucking need you.❞ SEASON 2 AND 3A OF TEEN WOLF © 2018
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  • deaton
  • maliatate
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