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The other Nogitsune  by Shadowhunters_Yass
The other Nogitsune by Shadowhunters_Yass
Clary, another Nogitsune in town! She pretends to be a human like Stiles incScotts pack but only if they knew! She can control the darkness just sometimes not the hunger...
  • miguel
  • voidstiles
  • lydiamartin
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Evil Love  by Yuki101345
Evil Love by Yuki101345
Void stiles X reader! What if you fell in love with void stiles? Would he treat you right? Would he make you cause chaos like he does? Or will he take care of you and lo...
  • love
  • reader
  • fluff
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Void -TW/Avengers by bananapanises
Void -TW/Avengersby ᎻᎪNNᎪᎻ
Stiles is changing. His humour fading, the light in his eyes turning darker with everyday, he was becoming more and more like the dark spirit they just defeated. His fri...
  • avengers
  • crossover
  • marvel
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Void of Life [Steo] by zadistan
Void of Life [Steo]by wade [mcu/ahs/tw]
Now it was time for the fun to begin. Theo stood watching Stiles. He watched the way his chest rose and fell in turn. However, Theo soon grew tired of watching. He wante...
  • stilesfanfic
  • steo
  • stilesxtheo
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Counterpart|Stiles Stilinski by untilmynextstory
Counterpart|Stiles Stilinskiby t.
[koun-ter-pahrt] One of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another. [Season 3B]
  • mtv
  • teenwolf
  • supernatural
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The Cat and the Fox: City of Shadows by arsenal597
The Cat and the Fox: City of Shado...by Arsenal
Teen Wolf x Gotham crossover When the aftermath of the Nogitsune's rampage came around, Stiles couldn't handle the guilt and left Beacon Hills, leaving no trail to follo...
  • voidstiles
  • catwoman
  • thepenguin
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Lost Cause » Void Stiles by insatiabIe
Lost Cause » Void Stilesby spooky scary alygator
❝What's so great about sanity? I don't see you having any fun.❞ When asked to define insanity, a great majority of the Eichen House staff would direct the questioner t...
  • banshee
  • echohouse
  • allisonargent
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𝙅𝙐𝘿𝙂𝙈𝙀𝙉𝙏 𝘿𝘼𝙔 ; marvelby marie , 🤠
JUDGMENT DAY | ❝DREAD IT, RUN FROM IT, DESTINY ARRIVES ALL THE SAME❞ ( marvel cinematic universe ) ( infinity war - endgame ) ( multiple ocs x multiple pair...
  • voidstiles
  • thanos
  • dylanobrien
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Teen Wolf Imagines by voidstilenski
Teen Wolf Imaginesby Emje
*REQUEST CLOSED Imagines of: Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski Derek Hale Jackson Whitmore Brett Talbot Theo Raeken ...
  • stilesstilinski
  • teenwolf
  • isaaclahey
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Wolves in McKinly by YoungandChildish
Wolves in McKinlyby JackFrost
Stiles is Kurt's cousin who he loves like a lover. they are the people who act gay for eachother but are far from it. what happens when Stiles moves to Lima Ohio and mo...
  • scottmccall
  • yaoi
  • stiles
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Panic  { sterek } by destielinski
Panic { sterek }by -_-
Set after 5A: Derek comes back to Beacon Hills to see his old friends in ruins. He tries to pick up the pieces as best he can, whilst trying to figure out his feelings f...
  • void
  • angst
  • stiles
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Am I? (TW&TMR) by TJHerbert
Am I? (TW&TMR)by Toni Stark
Stiles Stilinski. Sounds familiar? Stiles has been missing for a couple of years. He was... is a light spirit that everyone loved to be around, even Derek Hale. He was...
  • wicked
  • lydiamartin
  • scott
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THROUGH THE DARKNESS by nogitsune419
Stiles is angry. Like really angry. His dad is at the hospital probably dying. Scott blames him for trying to survive. He and Malia are broken up. Theo is still running...
  • voidstiles
  • teenwolf
  • scottmccall
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Teen Wolf X Reader Oneshots  by ryleigh-jae
Teen Wolf X Reader Oneshots by Ryleigh Cuneo
Teen Wolf oneshots! Fluff, smut, and anything else that you want! I hope all of you enjoy! You can also find these oneshots on my Quotev @RyleighJae and my Tumblr @rylei...
  • liamdunbar
  • derekhale
  • teenwolf
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The Phoenix by Nickey0398
The Phoenixby Dom
Jennifer Blake was gone and the sacrifices were over, but that didn't stop the bad things in Beacon Hills. Something else was going on and it seemed to effect everyone...
  • mccall
  • nickey0398
  • season3b
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Reborn ➳ Teen wolf [Book 3] -ON HIATUS FOR A BIT- by Omgstiles_
Reborn ➳ Teen wolf [Book 3] -ON HI...by l o r n a
[Book 3 in the Kelsey McCall series] A few weeks after having mass sacrifices made by the darach, and a pack of alphas terrorizing the town...K...
  • peterhale
  • nogitsune
  • kitsune
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Baby Trouble  by Yuki101345
Baby Trouble by Yuki101345
[ book 1: Evil Love ] [ book 2: Becoming The Villain ] [ Book 3: Baby Trouble ] Y/n and void have a baby in there pack now. The hard part is to take care of it and make...
  • fluff
  • pack
  • imagine
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Sciles One Shots  by Run-And-Survive
Sciles One Shots by Kai with a k
Because there isn't enough Sciles on wattpad. * Might be spoilers * Trigger warning I guess (?) on some. * Cringy
  • jealous
  • teenwolf
  • holidays
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❝if you know your enemy, and you know yourself, you need not fear the outcomes of 1000 battles.❞
  • isaaclahey
  • fanfiction
  • alisonargent
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⚜️ 𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖆 𝖒𝖎𝖐𝖆𝖊𝖑𝖘𝖔𝖓 🖤 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖔 𝖗𝖆𝖊𝖐𝖊𝖓 ⚜️ ⚠ WARNING AWFUL DESCRIPTION.⚠ Starting from episode Alpha Pact. When things in Beacon Hill's look dire...
  • stilesstilinski
  • doppleganger
  • tribrid
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