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"Scott! Scott? Scott! Barrow, he took Kira! We know. He was after her the whole time.
No, nothing. Just stuff about flies and the dead, alright we'll keep looking" Stiles hangs up the phone and slides it back into his pocket.

My eyes are still on the chalkboard. I dont get how no one noticed this earlier; we literally searched the full school from top to bottom.

"We have to think of something. He's going to kill her." The enraging buzzing noise mixed with the smell of lingering chemicals jammed my thoughts.

"I knew he was there." Stiles places his hand on my shoulder, snapping my out of my trance like state.

"Because you heard the flies, right? What do you hear now? " i focus on Stiles whilst trying to fixate my hearing.

"A different buzzing noise, like electricity– its so frustrating. I swear to God, it literally makes me want to scream."

"Okay, then scream." I start to feel uneasy as I've never used my voice in front of anyone before; but my mother.

"Nell scream." I look Stiles in the eyes before opening my mouth and projecting a violent; yet controlled scream. Enduring the room until it eventually came to a standstill.

I felt tears streamed down my face as the scream echoed in my mind. Stiles observes my strange behaviour and brings me into a calming hug.

Whilst i pull out of his grasp, I detect blood running out of Stiles ear "Stiles your ear"

"Don't worry its fine. Wait a second, Barrow was an electrical engineer.
He worked at a power substation." He wipes the blood off his ear

"Maybe that's where he is" I suggest, wiping the remaining tears off my face.

"I gotta tell Scott, go warn Derek and the others" I nod and run out of the school.


Arriving at Derek's loft I notice him and Peter plotting somthing, both of them look distraught.

"I was wondering when you'd get here" Peter; a brown haired man with brown eyes, and lightly tanned with skin stood up and walked towards me.

"So are you going to tell us why you screamed– Or do you just enjoy seeing us in pain?" I chuckle

"I was testing a theory and its true. Barrow has our American History teachers daughter Kira–" Derek cuts me off.

"The Kitsune?" Peter and I exchange puzzled glances.

"A what?" Derek laughs.

"Its a supernatural species of Japanese fox spirit, I saw it on her when she was with Scott; while using my wolf eyes that is."

"Well that's great, do you think she even knows?" I shrug at Peter.

"I don't think so– this stays between us three though, Ok?" I nod. There is an awkward silence that occurs untill Peter speaks up.

"So back to that scream, it sound pretty powerful– good to know that Evelyn taught you well before she-" Derek cuts Peter off by coughing loudly, this concerns me as I didn't get to find out how exactly my mother died.

"She what?" I furrow my eyebrows

Peter turns to face his nephew "You didn't tell her, did you Derek?"

"Tell me what" I ask, flustered at the new information I recently obtained.

"Its better if you dont know– you'll find out when the times right. trust me" I sigh

"And if that time never comes just give me a call and I'll enlighten you on the subject" Peter smiles and walks upstairs.