twenty nine

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"Why me?" Void Stiles furrows his eyebrows.

"Isn't it obvious?" I shake my head

"Come on Nell your suppose to be the smart on– always one step ahead of the rest"

I contemplate possible reasons. maybe it has somthing to do with my Banshee abilities, or my mother?

"I dont know" I sigh and places his arm around me.

"As you know, Stiles doesn't trust many people, but he trusts you. And with your pathetic crush on him– you were the perfect target" I stay silent; at a loss for words.

How could I make myself so vulnerable? I've always known that he probably wouldn't feel the same way about me, but I didn't want to believe it. Void putting into words just made the last bit of hope I had fade away. My vision begins to blur as I feel myself start to cry.

"Don't cry Nell" Void Stiles wipes a tear off my cheek.

"I know it must be hard to believe but I've grown a soft spot for you" I dry my eyes and blatantly stare at him.


"Stiles needs to open his eyes. He's stupid for not cherishing the girl that's always loved him" he pauses and leans towards me "But I intend to"

"Whats that suppose to mean–" im cut off as Void firmly pressed his lips against mine, too forced, as if he expected the kiss to be our last and wanted to savour it. His lips were chapped and supple; his bottom lip pursed tightly over mine.

Voids hands caressed my neck, slowly sliding up to my flushed cheek. the hand was cool at first , until it made its way my cheek. after that all i felt was the intense warmth radiating off my skin.

I didn't want it to end– Even though it wasn't technically Stiles, it was the closest I knew I'd ever get to him.

He pulled away with a smile plastered on his face.

"You liked it" i hesitantly nod. Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate, I checked it to see Derek had texted.

"Im needed by Derek" he sighs and plants a kiss on my forehead.

"We'll meet again Nell, I guarantee it" i wave goodbye and unhook the latch on Stile's window with a smile on my face.

I now know one of the Nogitsunes main weaknesses– and by playing along with his vexatious games, I might just be able to get Stiles back.

I observe Peter and Derek setting up a chess board from the open door of his loft.

"Nell, you took your time" I sit opposite Derek and my attentions brought to a wound on his shoulder.

"What are you doing? And more importantly, why aren't you healing?"

"It's from one of their swords. It'll heal.–"

"By playing chess?"

"Back in his room, Stiles had a board with my name on one of the pieces. If this is a game to him, then I need to figure out the plays."

Void must have been in Stile's room before me and removed the peices because I didn't see that whilst I was there.

"Not so easy to do when it's a game without rules– do you even know how to play chess?" He shakes his head

"Why do you think your here" Derek pauses"What does that mean exactly?"

Peter speaks up "It means you're dealing with the kind of spirit that's lived too long to play by human rules. It's a fox spirit that chose to become human. And supposedly, that's something they can do only after about 100 years. If a kitsune is an annoying pain in the ass, then a nogitsune, which is a dark kitsune, is a freaking disaster." He closes the newspaper he'd been engrossed in.

"Besides, chess is Stiles's game. It's not the game of a Japanese fox" I point out as Peter stands up.

"Its been nice seeing you Nell. And Derek, do yourself a favor and put something on that. Before it gets infected." He laughs to himself and exits the room.

"He's right you know" I break the awkward silence that was about to occur.

"I know– anyways what did he tell you about the fire?"

"The truth" I pause "the fact that your the real reason Kate Argent got into the house"

"That Isn't true" I laugh

"Peter used Talias claws to let me see– there's no point trying to lie your way out of this Derek"

"Fine. I made a huge mistake that I will regret it for the rest of my life and  im sorry–" I interrupt

"Save your apologies, it doesn't matter anymore"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Derek asks

"My moms dead, I've accepted it and moved on"

"Your heart beat just increased"  Derek mumbles.