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                      •••"So what exactly are we looking for?" I ask Stiles who seemed fixated in the phone call he was currently in

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"So what exactly are we looking for?" I ask Stiles who seemed fixated in the phone call he was currently in.

"A werecoyote" i chuckle at Lydias comment

"No kidding– but should we be looking for its tracks or some kind of clue?"

All of us decided to divide off into groups so we could cover more land; i was with Lydia and Stiles.

"My dad just called, Malia went back to the Tate house for the doll" i see Stiles had put his phone away

"All right, but why would it go all the way to the school and then all the way back to the house just for a doll? One that was in the car wreck in the first place" Lydia glances at me

"What is up with her and that doll?" I mumble whilst i ran my hand along a tree; hearing screams and a gun being fired.

"You said somthing about sentimental value yesterday Nell" i stumble out of my thoughts when I hear my name being mentioned.

I nod "wait in the picture Malias sisters holding the doll" Stiles states, trembling as the sudden vibration of his phone startles him.

"Nell" Stiles walks over, handing me his phone.

"What does it say?" He whispers in my ear.

"Tates in the woods with a rifle– " i was cut off by the sound of gunshot.

"Im gonna go find Scott" i hand Stiles his phone back and run off in the opposite direction, hoping to bump into Scott and not Tate.

I hear some kind of metal pressurized plate being activated and freeze. Looking down to see I'd stood on a bear trap.

"Crap" I mumble and pull out my phone; dialling Stiles.

He picked up and i put it on speakerphone "Stiles im in a bit of a situation"

"So are we. Lydia is stuck on a bear trap".


"Look Nell. I gotta save Lydia, so i cant help you right now"

"How are you going to help, there'll be instructions on how to disable it on the side and you cant read!" i snap and Stiles sighs.

"ring Scott and please dont move. I'll be there as soon as i can be" he hung up and i felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"Nell" I recognize the voice as Isaacs, he gets closer.

"I got you" Isaac presses a button on the side of the trap, then wraps his arms around me and pulls me away from it. Suddenly the trap closes; almost getting my foot.

"Are you ok?" I look at him and burst into tears.

"He helped her and not me" Isaac pulls me into a hug. "A few days ago i had this feeling, like someone stabbed me in the heart and it just came back."

"I think thats called heartache" Isaac was right, The heartache was like a red hot coal had been placed in my chest, it glowed and burnt me at the same time, but it did not cool quickly like a coal in water, it throbbed and tortured me inside.