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                      •••It was a new day and school was the best place for me right now

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It was a new day and school was the best place for me right now. Both of my dads had got into a argument about somthing and I didn't have the patience to put up with their shouting.

I see Scott and walk over to him; noticing how distressed he looks. I decided not to bring up the screams I recently heard.

"Hey Scott–you dont look so good" i ruffle his hair with my hand.

Scott has olive skin, dark brown eyes, and curly dark brown hair. Since my mom died he has been like a older brother to me and when he became a werewolf I started helping him out alot.

"Can you see my Alpha eyes?" I shake my head

"My claws?" I look at my shoulders where Scott placed his hands; shaking my head once again.

"Well i can– and i feel like everyone else can too" i move his hands off my shoulders.

"It probably has somthing to do with you, Stiles and Alison dying then coming back to life" i pause "Also the magical tree stump"

"I think shes right Scott" i hear a familiar voice from behind me, i turn to see Stiles looking more nervous than he usually does.

"I've been having these dreams" he hesitates "and i dont even know if im awake right now"

"Well do you have six fingers?" he looks at me and then down to his hands; counting five fingers.

"Five" Scott looks at us both with a very puzzled look on his face.

"In dreams you have six fingers; when i use to get sleep paralysis i'd always look at my fingers when I could move again. To make sure i was awake" i sigh; thinking about bad memories from dreams I've had in the past.

"It's definitely the Nemeton" i see two of my other friends, Lydia and Alison approaching.

Lydia is an unexperienced Banshee who has very pale skin, green eyes, and long strawberry-blonde hair, While Alison; a girl with pale white and lightly freckled skin, curly dark brown hair, and brown eyes has a family of werewolf hunters.

"Alisons been seeing Kate"


The five of us walk into school and continue our recent conversation.

I lower my voice a little "Didn't Deaton say the whole coming back to life thing would effect you all?" Stiles nods

"Nellys right, its probably just the effects of it" Stiles sends me a smirk; knowing how i feel about he nickname he gave me.

"So what it will just wear off?" I shrug at Alisons comment.

"Hopefully. but everyone should look out for eachother all day; Incase somthing bad happens–" Lydia interrupts Scott.

"Or the three of you go completely insane" she laughs "whos crazy now?"