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A few hours have passed by since my encounter with Stiles and I couldn't stop wondering if Derek might have written the cause of my moms death down somewhere.

My curiosity and accessibility of his room was all I needed. Opening his bedroom door, I notice a old wooden trunk at the bottom of his bed.

"Okay Nell, just find it and get out" I mumble and begin searching for whatever evidence I can find.

I felt a cold draft encase around the room– causing me to shiver. It felt like I'd just walked into a freezer.

So focused on finding somthing useful, i ignore the winter-like breeze and pick up some kind of diary.

"Derek has a diary– didn't expect that" I chuckle at my own comment and look closely at the book. The diary was a leathery texture with black, cursive lettering on.

All of a sudden that strange and unknown sound i herd earlier came back but seemed close, the temperature was at its peak and starting to give me anxiety.

"Hello?" I turn to see five mysterious figures dressed in Ebony cloaks with black masks covering their faces. The only thing that distinctively stood out was their eyes; which were as bright as fireflys.

One of them stepped towards me– but before it got any closer I let out a uncontrolled shriek.

Unfortunately it didn't slow down and must have done something because I felt myself fall to the ground unconscious.


"Nell" I open my eyes to see Aiden and Lydia– who both look worried.

"You were marked too" Lydia says to herself.

"What were those things?" They both shrug.

"I dont know but they're terrifying" Aiden helps me up, I look around and notice the diary had gone.

"Shoot. did i have a black book in my hand when you found me?" They shake their heads.

"Why. What's wrong?" I sigh

"Nothing– just somthing important to me"

"That scream you let out was quite somthing" I laugh at Aidens recent remark.


"Lets go, Ethan's inside with Alison and Isaac" the three of us exit Derek's room and meet up with the others in the loft"

"They're here" I hear Derek say from afar. I watch as the cloaked creatures emerge from the shadows, all in sync like robots.

"Scott" I run over to him and Kira.

"what's going on-" he's interrupted by multiple screams.

Aiden guides Lydia to Danny "Make sure she's safe" Danny nods and leaves the room; followed by lots of confused and drunk teenagers.

"Guys they're all looking at me– why are they all looking at me!" The five figures turn to face Aiden, Scott and Derek run at them– starting a fight. I exchange worried glances with Isaac and a few others as I see Derek and Scott loose.

Issac tries to help but is put off by the katana that emerges from its chest. "Never mind" he steps back. The cloaked figures corner Aiden and he falls to the ground.

"This isn't good" Kira says. We  watch as they all turn to face Scott.

He looks at them and starts to step backwards. But unexpectedly they all disappear.

"Thats weird" I mumble and look at the light that shone through the window. "Scared of daylight?"