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"Who's he looking at" Stiles and i approach Scott who was once again focused on Kira; a girl with long, wavy black hair, dark brown almond-shaped eyes, and pale skin.

"That new girl Kira" Stiles laughs

"Hey Scotty" Scott snapps out of his trance as his best friend shakes him repeatedly. "You like her?"

"No– i mean yeah, shes okay" i chuckle

"ask her out" Scott looks at me and i nod.

"Do it–" Stiles cut me off

"your the apex predator, everyone wants you– your like the hot girl that ever guy wants" i scowl at him with wide eyes.

"The hot girl?"

"You are the hottest girl" A thin smile appears on Scotts lips.

"What?" I watch as Isaac approaches.

"Im the hot girl" Isaac smiles.

"Yes, you are" i laugh while Scott walks towards Kira; Stiles following not far behind him.

"You have no idea what he's talking about, do you?" Isaac smirks.

"I dont care– i think this might be my chance to get in with Alison"

"Very true Lahey"


I take my seat in class behind Stiles and he turns to face me.

"Found your key yet?" I shake my head.

"My dads been stuck at work in Eichen all day so i haven't been able to get hold of him– also my other dad Isn't answering" I sigh

"Well my couch is free again if you need it–" Stiles is cut off by Coach stumbling into the room.

"Mischief Night, Devil's Night." I observe Scott and Stiles looking very amused.

"Was it you?" I whisper, he nods and turns back around.

"I dont care what you call it, you little punks are evil. You think it's funny every Halloween my house gets egged?" My mind takes me back to last Halloween when Stiles, Scott and i egged coaches house. it was so much easier back then...

Im taken out of my daydream by the sound of Coaches voice "A man's house is supposed to be his castle– Mine's a frickin' omelet." Multiple laughs echo around the room.

Suddenly this distinctive buzzing noise fills my ears like a fly had inhabited my eardrums. I sqeeze my eyes shut and reopen them to hear nothing– but what i saw was interesting.

Multiple cops were pacing the corridors "Nell you're seeing this as well right?" Stiles asks.


"What is going on?" Coach seems clueless; like the rest of us. He exits the classroom and a wave of students crowd  around the door.

Somehow Stiles, Scott and i manage to mangle our way through the mob and find the Sheriff.

"Hey dad what's going on?" Stiles walks in the other direction with his father. Scott and i follow behind– only managing to hear bits of the conversation.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute! The William Barrow? The Shrapnel Bomber? Spotted nearby?" Stiles shouts

"A little closer than nearby, actually." They halt and we catch up the the two of them.

"How do we get down to the basement? I need to know where every entrance is.
I don't want anybody coming in or out of the school."

"Dad, what's really going on here? Barrow went after kids with glowing eyes? He said those exact words?" He nods

"Yeah. And no one knows how he woke up from anesthesia.
Just that when they opened him up, they found a tumor full of live flies"

"which in any other circumstance would be all kinds of awesome." Scott glares at Stiles.

"Did you say flies?" They all turn to face me.

"Yea. Nell whats wrong?" Scott puts his hand on my shoulder.

"All day I have been hearing this sound. It's like This buzzing." Stiles looks worried.

"Think its a prediction?" I shrug

"I dont know but we better find out what it means– before its too late"