twenty four

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                      •••Arriving at the Animal clinic, I stop rationalizing all the new information I just gained and observe Scott and Kira battling the Oni

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Arriving at the Animal clinic, I stop rationalizing all the new information I just gained and observe Scott and Kira battling the Oni. Stiles was stood near the Enterance of the building, he aquired the impression of being more agitated than normal.

"Stiles, Nell get inside" I nod and run towards Stiles, avoiding the fight.

"Come on, lets go" Stiles grabs my hand and leads me into the operating room.

"Somthings different about y–" im cut off and startled by Stiles pushing me against the wall.

"Your not stiles" He laughs

"Clever Nelly– always one step ahead" he puts his hand on my cheek.

"Nogitsune" he smiles.

"Call me Void" suddenly that heartache sensation i felt a few days ago returns; this time worse than ever.

"Interesting" Void Stiles's whispers, noticing me flinch.

A ringing noise occurs in the lobby due to the door being opened "don't say a word" Void removes his hand from my cheek and the pain reduces– but doesn't stop. he steps away from me and I feel a tear roll down my cheek.

Kira scurrys into the room, assisting Scott who had a katana in his chest and looked in agony.

"Nell go find Deaton" I receiving a death glare from Void Stiles.

I Rush into the main entrance, encountering Deaton as he enters through the door.
Deaton is a tall, lean man with dark brown skin, brown eyes, shaved head and usually seen wearing a white lab coat.

"Nell what's going on–" I interrupt.

"Shh– the Nogitsunes possessing Stiles" he holds up a syringe; filled with a strange substance.

"Stay quiet" acknowledging Deaton, we both sneak back into the operating room– both taking in the sight of the Nogitsune twisting the katana further into Scott while he cowers in fear.

"You really have to learn, Scott.
You really have to learn not to trust a fox.– Mmm-mmm.
Know why? 'Cause they're tricksters. They'll fool you.
They'll fool everyone." Unexpectedly Deaton walks over to Void Stiles's and sticks the needle into his neck.

"Not everyone." He injects the substance into Stiles; who then falls to the ground.

"What was that? Was that a cure? Is he okay? " Scott asks whilist I reveal my hiding place to help Kira.

"The fox is poisoned– but its not dead. Not yet" Deaton removes the Katana from Scott; who then embraces me with a hug.

"Nell, Stiles was going to kill me–" I cut him off.

"Scott that wasn't our best friend– it was Void" I pause "and I think he's capable of much more" we break away from the hug.

"So what now?" Kira speaks up as the three of us turn to face Deaton.

"The poison should enable the fox for a while– giving us a limited amount of time to think of a plan" I sigh.

"Any ideas?"