thirty two

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                      •••"So why do you need me?" I ask, leaning against the cold brick wall of the peculiar abandoned warehouse-like building Void brought me to

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"So why do you need me?" I ask, leaning against the cold brick wall of the peculiar abandoned warehouse-like building Void brought me to.

All at once, a rush of whispers and screams filled my ears. They echo around the room, Bouncing off the walls, getting louder and more frightening by the minute.

Void's eyes were on me. Since he released Stiles from his control I've noticed him grow weaker and more restless.

Void snaps out of his dayz and  pays no attention to my question "Can you hear them?Louder than usual, isn't it?– Well, that's because a lot of bad things happened down here." He pauses and hesitates "What are the voices telling you? Are they saying that Stiles is dying? He is, you know. He's dying." I raise my eyebrows.

"I thought you said he'd be ok–" im interrupted by the sound of Voids laughter.

"It was a trick sweetheart– you should know to never trust a fox"

"I just betrayed my friends for you– and unless you start explaining yourself I'm not telling you anything!" A devious grin forms on Voids lips.

"You won't have to. You'll be screaming." he whispers, causing me to flinch at how gravelly his voice was.

"Are you going to answer my question– What do you want from me?" I roll my eyes; becoming tired of his games.


"More what?" I send him a confused glare.

"The Trickster stories are all about food, Nell. The Coyote, the Raven, the Fox. They're all hungry.– I'm the same. I just crave something a little different. I eat what you feel."Void pauses, taking in a deep breath.

"And I am insatiable." I wince as I feel him take some of my pain.

"Your my food source Nell– that's your part in the plan" I remove Voids hand for my cheek and he frowns.

"Whats the matter" I look down and try to focus on the screams I could hear– It was back again! The female one that I've been hearing a great deal of lately.

I stumble out of my thoughts when Void lifts my head up. "Answer my question"

unexpectedly a new feeling occurs, it was a kind of darkness that consumed all the screams– exept a male one that sounded a lot like Stiles's from a few days ago.

"Somthing's here– and I think its going to kill you" he pulls me closer to him.

"that's another reason I brought you. I needed to know when they'd be close enough. When my own death was closing in." Suddenly the Oni emerge from the shadows, surrounding us and Void pulls out a blade from his pocket with his free hand.

He looses his grasp on my arm and I step out of the way. "Cause only when they're close, can I do this..." Void snaps the blade in half and disappears; as well as the Oni.

Taking my chance, I quickly make my way down the long corridor whilst trying to take no notice of the sounds that returned.

"Nell?" I stop in my tracks as I lay eyes a figure in the distance.

"NELL?" The voice was tremulous and concerned; just like Stile's before the Nogitsune took over.

I take a step forward "Stiles?"