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                       •••"You cant move the queen there Nelly" i playfully punch my best friend Stiles arm

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"You cant move the queen there Nelly" i playfully punch my best friend Stiles arm.

I've known Stiles for as long as i can remember. Him and i met in 6th grade; along with my other best friend Scott. We've always had a strong friendship but sometimes i wish it was more than that. Stiles has pale skin, brown hair and honey-brown eyes. He has moles all over his face, neck, and body, and his hair is usually gelled into a messy style.

"Thought there were no rules in chess?" He laughs

"You moved through one of your own peices– the queen cant do that" i laugh and return the queen to its former square.

"Silly Stiles you lost focus on your king" i moved one of my castle peices so Stiles king was in checkmate.

"How–" he stops "you moved your queen on purpose to distract me from my king" i laugh

"Always one step ahead of you buddy" he stands up and checks his phone.

"Shoot its like 1AM– we were playing for 2 hours!"

"I know–" he cuts me off

"and you didn't tell me!" He shouts; making a thin smile appear on my lips.

"I thought eventually you would just get tired and fall asleep on me– ill let myself out" i unhook the latch on Stiles bedroom window and carefully slide it open.

"I'll be waiting for you at your locker tomorrow, call me if anything strange happens" i laugh.

"Its beacon hills– of course somthing strange will happen before we meet again tomorrow" i sit on his window ledge.

"See ya Nelly" i glare at him joking

"For the last time Stilinski– call me Nell"

"Bye Monroe" i laugh and lower myself down off the window ledge; being careful and making sure I didn't slip on the damp walls.

"Slowly does it Nell" I mumble, Eventually managing to step onto the cold, hard ground.

All of a sudden a sharp pain entered my skull as my ears were filled with the screams of multiple others. The excruciating noise continued causing my banshee side to come to the surface.

I discovered i was a banshee around the time my other best friend Scott was bitten by a werewolf. Luckily before she died– my mother gave me plenty of guidance on how to control and hold back the urge to use my voice.

Grasping my ears, i tried to focus on one of the screams that sounded particularly familiar to me. But when I finally target the right one, they all stopped.

"Nell are you ok?" I look up to see Stiles at his window.

"Yea im fine, go to sleep Stiles" he smiles and closes his window.

"I should of told him" i sigh and begin walking home