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                    •••"Maybe we need a little more time to get back to normal"

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"Maybe we need a little more time to get back to normal"

I rip open my rust-covered locker to dispose of my text books.

"Yeah, try not to forget we hit the reset button on a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures." I notice Scott didn't seem to be listening to Stiles response, instead he was staring at Kira; our American History teachers daughter.

I look at Stiles who seems overwhelmed by somthing. "Oh dude, your eyes" Scott snaps out of his little daydream instantly.

"What about them?"

"They're starting to glow" i shut my locker

"You mean right now–" Stiles cuts him off.

"Yes right now, Scott stop it!" Overcome with nerves i start to focus and attempt to think of a solution.

"I can't control it!"

"I have a idea, put your head down and we'll take you somewhere to calm down" i push Scotts head down slowly and rush him into the closest empty room we could find; with Stiles assisting me.

We get into a class room and Scott runs towards a empty space in the middle of the room.

"Get back! I dont want to hurt you two" i sigh

"Scott it's ok" Stiles tries to approach Scott but he steps back.

"I dont know what's going to happen to–" i cut him off

"Break your arm" i pause; receiving a weird look off Stiles "pain makes you human"

Scott does what i instructed and falls to the ground in relief– also pain from breaking a bone.

I run over to my best friend and give him a hug " Thanks Nell" i pull away and smile.

"Scott this isn't just in our heads" i turn to see Stiles looks very anxious again; this time more than ever.

"Its real" i help Scott stand

"And its getting bad for me too. Im not just having nightmares, im having dreams where I literally have to scream myself awake." I hear the uncertainty and fear in his voice, i was about to say something but Stiles carried on talking.

"In dreams you cant read right? Well the past few days I've been having trouble reading– I can't put the letters in order."

it all starts to peice together now "Thats why you were trying to distract me from studying with chess a few days ago" i say to myself.

"Like even now?" Stiles nods

"I can't read a thing." Me and Scott exchange sympathetic glances. I rush over to Stiles with open arms and he accepts my hug; resting his head on my shoulder.

"I don't know how to fix it Nelly. You must know– you always know" i sigh

"Not this time Stilinski. Im just as clueless as you..."