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                      •••I stroll into school, accompanied by Lydia and Alison who were either side of me

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I stroll into school, accompanied by Lydia and Alison who were either side of me.

"So Scott and Stiles found a picture of this girl Malia and her sister in her fathers house" i nod

"Her sister had the same doll that was found in the broken down car; Stiles took for some reason im not aware of" Lydia came to a halt.

"What if it was left there for a reason–" Alison cut her off "like leaving flowers at a grave" i sigh

"If thats the case then Malia is going to come for it" i'm startled when hearing the ear piercing sound of the school bell ringing voilently– it seemed to be more intense than ever.

"was it just me or did that bell sound louder than usual?" Alison shakes her head and Lydia agrees.

"Think its a Banshee thing?" She nods.

"Lets worry about it later, we've got a class to Attend"


I take notes as Mr Yukmura rambles on about internment camps and prisoners of war. but alot of other things were distracting me; Like the screams and Werecoyote.

"There's a passage in our reading that I'd like to go over in more detail Who would like to come up and read aloud for us? Mr Stilinski, how about you?" My head shoots up as I remeber the problem Stiles has recently been having.

"Oh, maybe someone else could"

"Everyone participates in my class, Mr Stilinski" Scott and I exchanged worried glances while Stiles stands at the front, ready to read.

Stiles was always anxious but this time he looked ten times worse. He wiped the sweat off his forhead and tried to focus on the words, my enhanced hearing kicked in again– causing me to hear Stiles's out of control breathing.

"Stiles? You okay? I should take him to the nurse's office." Scott stands up and quickly helps Stiles exit the room.


"Your hearing increased?" I nod as Derek and i proceeded towards the school.

Derek is a tall, muscular man with black hair, blue-green eyes, and olive skin. Him and i had been good friends for a while now; Derek and his Uncle Peter had known my mother. Stiles texted saying Malia has been in the school; attacking both him and Scott.

"Only twice"

"So why aren't you telling Scott this?"

"Scott has enough to worry about right now– theres also somthing else" I freeze

"What is it" Derek asks

"I keep hearing this familiar scream but i can tell whos it is" i sigh in frustration.

"What gender?"

"Female, i think" Derek stops.

"You get a secent?" He nods.

"Its Malias" i rotate to see Stiles and Scott.

"She came for the Doll"

"I figured" i ponder about where the Werecoyote might go.

"We need to catch her" i look at Scott in distress.

"He's right" Derek states

"You sure thats a good idea?"

"Nell what else can we do at this point?" I shrug.

"Fine– but if somthing goes wrong just remember i warned you"

"We need to round up the others; get them to meet us in the woods in 10 minutes. We have a Coyote to catch"

"Werecoyote" Stiles corrects Scott, making the two of us laugh.