The Other Sherlock

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This is pretty much a dream I had, so I'm sorry that so many things might not make sense, but I have done my best. It was a little hard to remember, because in the dream, I shared John Watson's fear response. Anyway, here's the story, I hope you enjoy.

"John, I have a case for you." Sherlock Holmes said as Dr. John Watson walked into the room.

"What do you mean?" John asked. "Why can't you solve it? It's your job after all." He took off his jacket and hung it up.

"I know, but I am already in the middle of a case. And plus, I think you can handle this one." Sherlock looked up from his desk.

"Fine, what is it?" John only just caught the file that Sherlock threw at him. He took a look, and then looked at his flatmate. "I'll get right on it."

Later that day, Watson headed out to the address he had been given. It was a flat, and the door stood ajar. Walking in, he noticed the entire place was empty. No furniture or anything. He looked around, opening doors as he went. And then he found what he was looking for. One of the rooms he opened had a body lying in it.

"Poor soul. Wonder what happened to you." John made his way over to the body, and as he bent down to investigate, he heard a slight whistle, stopping him where he was. Then he felt a prick in his neck, making his eyesight blurred, and he fell unconscious. But just before he did, it looked like the shadowy shape of Sherlock had just appeared in the room.

John woke up much later, and found himself in a big room. He sat up, causing Sherlock and Molly to come over to him.

"Where are we?"

"In the St. Bartholomew's Hospital." Molly replied.

"Are you all right?" Sherlock asked.

"Yeah, I'm, fine, just a bit of a headache." John looked around, and that's when he noticed Lestrade and Donovan standing in the room as well. They walked over to the others.

"What happened John? We found you passed out in a room." Lestrade asked.

"You wouldn't answer your phone, so I tracked you down to check on you." Sherlock added. He then mumbled to himself, so Watson couldn't hear him. "And I'm glad I did." John rubbed his forehead. He had a bad headache after being passed out for so long.

"Uh, I remember.... That I walked into the room, and there was a body in there, so I walked over to it on the other side of the room, and when I went to bend down and look, my vision went fuzzy, and I thought I saw... someone..." He looked up at his friend. "They looked like you, actually." Both Donovan and Lestrade raised an eyebrow at that. Lestrade looked at Sherlock.

"Now there is a few things in here that don't quite make sense." He turned his head back to Watson. "First of all, the only body in that room was you."

"I think I'll leave you to it. I have some things I need to do still." Molly whispered to Donovan, while the boys had their conversation. Sally nodded in reply.

"Sure. This is pretty weird, and that's all I've got to say." Molly left.

"But there was someone in there, I saw them. That was the only thing I saw clearly in that room." John argued.

"There was a body, but it got moved, most likely after you were injected-" Sherlock was interrupted by John's next exclamation.

"Injected?!" He asked incredulously.

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