Death's Children - Where to Start?

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Ages after Mia and Cleo arrived at Ash and Josh's apartment, and cleaned it up, Ash had fully recovered from his unconsciousness and concussion, they tried to figure out where Josh would have taken Jordan.

"Can I have a look at the note that Jordan left for you please?" requested Ash.

"Yeah, sure." said Mia, as she got the note out of her pocket. Ash read the note and then turned it over. On the back he saw that there was another note. He waved Mia over.

"Did you see this?" Mia shook her head. The second note read:

P.S. This may have something to do with Dad, but I'm not sure why I think so. Don't worry though, hopefully I won't be too long. Tell you everything once I'm back and don't leave Cleo or Ash once your with them.

"Oh no,no,no,no!" Mia fell into a heap and started sobbing. Ash knelt beside and put his arm around her shoulder. Cleo knelt in front of her and asked tenderly

"What's wrong?"

"Don't worry, I'm probably just over exaggerating." Mia said, after a little while, choking slightly on her words.

"Okay." replied Cleo. Mia managed to stand up again and then Ash asked.

"Do you have an idea of where to start?"

"Yes. But we need to go to my house."

Once they had arrived back at Mia's house, Mia went straight into her room to find something.

"Wait here a minute, kay?" she had asked Cleo and Ash. She returned shortly afterwards holding up what she was looking for so Ash and Cleo could see.

"What is it?" Cleo asked.

"It is a pendant. Father gave it to me if I ever left the underworld to come back immediately. The only problem is he hadn't told me how to use it before I left."

"Father, being Death, right?" Ash asked for clarification.

"Yes." replied Mia.

"Riiight..... Any ideas of where to start with this thing?"

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