Angel or Demon? - Mala and the Demon War

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Fact: Mala's original name was Light Amane, because I had just finished Deathnote, and had no idea what to call her.

Malayeka Sethos is listening to her mother tell her a story. She may be a 15 year old, but she never really grew up in her heart, especially with her mothers stories. This one was the one she heard most, but this time, she ended it differently. This is the story she was told tonight.

Mala's P.O.V. (This means its the story that her mother is telling)

They age old war between Angels and Demons was raging. But this was back at the beginning, when it all started. Angels and Demons lived a long time without even knowing about their existence. Until an Angel and Demon were told to go out and explore the other realm. They knew the other realm existed, but they had never explored it. They were both heavily armed and equipped, and they thought the other was to try and take over their realm. They rushed back to their own realms, and told their leaders what they had discovered. And that they thought they would try to take over their realm.

"But they didn't even try to talk, or communicate with each other!" exclaimed Mala, interrupting the story.

They prepared their armies, and raced to protect their realms. They met and the adjoining realm, and a great battle begun. This battle raged for years and years, but neither party even considered that perhaps they could try to communicate and work this out. All the Angels and Demons that died were sent to another realm that even the Angels and Demons didn't know about. There, they became Human.

"Just like us." Mala smiled smugly. Her mother smiled back and continued.

They finally tried to communicate with each other, and found they spoke the same tongue. They worked out the problem, and agreed to a long peace treaty.

"But that didn't last very long, did it." said Mala. Her mother shook her head.

"No, it didn't." Mala's mother said softly.

A long while after, a 'bright spark' of a Demon and Angel, began to argue about which was better, Angel? Or Demon? They began to fight, and so did their families. Then friends of the families began to fight, and the leaders, or superiors, couldn't stop it. So the old hatred had returned.

"Were the fighting verbally, or physically?" Mala asked.

"Physically. Just like they were at the beginning." replied Mala's mother.

They fighting had gotten so bad, there was an entire realm of Humans that they didn't even knew existed still. And now there was so many Humans, that they didn't know each other, and they were on many different continents. And that's how we got to be so many. But. When the Angels and Demons found the humans, they didn't try to make contact, and let them know what they used to be. Or even the fact that Angels and Demons even existed. Instead, they found a way to blend in, and mingle with us. And that's what they did. For centuries, Demons, Angels and Humans lived together in peace. Some Angels and Demons forgot their heritage, and began siring children with the humans.

"And that's where you come in my girl. The Angels and Demons never stopped fighting, but if they don't soon, we will all be destroyed. And you will stop them. Tomorrow, your birthday, will be a big day for you. Sleep well, my child." And before Mala could protest, or ask what her mother had meant, she had turned out the light, and left Mala in darkness.

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