Spirit-Bound Chapter 2 Ranger Jade Starflower

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The pair ran through the forest for two or three minutes, before they had to stop for a rest. Damian was breathing hard, and Eve was gasping for air. They had run off the path in case the thieves did decide to follow. Eve had collapsed on the ground, and Damian was leaning up against a tree so he didn't fall over as well.

"Think they're gonna follow us?" Damian said, after he got his breath back.

"No. We did also go off the path, which we should probably go back and find again.... Yeah, that would be a good idea." Eve got up and looked around.

"I agree. And this would probably be the millionth time that I have asked you this, but why do you answer yourself so much?" Damian looked at her, his gaze steady and unwavering. Eve sighed.

"No, it's the twenty millionth time!" She rolled her eyes. "I answer myself because I can't always trust what anyone else is going to answer with. That, and I like answering before you." She giggled, and Damian knitted his eyebrows in mock annoyance before joining in.

"Let's go." Eve nodded, and they started tramping back the way they came.


Time Skip


Eve and Damian had walked, rested, gotten up and continued walking. They didn't know how long for. But they were both glad, they could agree, that they weren't alone. The sun was a quarter of the way into the sky, which meant that it was around nine-ten o'clock in the morning. That was when something happened.

An arrow whizzed past Eve's face, and thudded between her feet. She drew a dagger, and Damian put his hand on the hilt of his sword. A robed figure landed in front of them, their hood falling off as their feet hit the ground. As a reflex, Eve had her dagger to the newcomer's throat before they could open their eyes from blinking. Bow in their hand, they held up their hands.

"Who are you and why did you shoot?" Eve asked.

"I'm Jade Starflower, Master Ranger, and I just saved your life. Look between your feet." Eve looked down, her dagger unwavering. She saw a snake, it's head skewered by an arrow, jaw wide open. There was a murky liquid dripping from one of it's fangs, sparkling in the sunlight. Damian dropped his hand and Eve looked back up at the Ranger. She looked at her face, and seeing that she was telling the truth, she lowered the dagger.

"Well, I guess I need to say thank you. So, thank you." Eve said, sheathing her dagger as she did

"You said you were Master Ranger. That means you'd know they way out of here. Could you show us please?" Damian asked, taking a step forward closer to Jade, past Eve. Jade retrieved her arrow, and pulled out a small glass vial. She opened it and placed it under the dripping fang, collecting the poisonous substance as she spoke.

"Sure. We can make it back to my cabin in the centre by nightfall if we continue on our way now."

Eve was a little confused, and slightly sceptical as to why this mysterious ranger was willing to help them suddenly. The rogues had fallen into step behind the ranger.

"Why do you think she is helping us like this?" Eve whispered to Damian, her eyes never leaving the ranger.

"Because I am just too good looking!" Joked Damian. Eve rolled her eyes, and resisted the urge to giggle.

"Come on, I mean, really. Why?"

"I don't know. I really don't....." He sighed. "At least we get a free guide....!"

And if Jade heard any of the banter between the thieves, she didn't show it.

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