Soul Saver

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This has been handwritten more than typed, and it may be a long time before it gets it's own story.

Alice was running, with two guards chasing her. She didn't know why. All she knew was that all of her friends had disappeared. She knew the guards would catch up eventually, but she kept running. Unfortunately, a few seconds later, she tripped on a loose stone and fell. The guards soon caught up and pulled her up before she had a chance to get up herself. They marched through town, past the palace and to a little door that led underground. They chained Alice's arms together and went through the door, with Alice in the middle. Once they were inside, it became extremely dark. She could just make out bars and what she thought were people inside, but she wasn't sure. There was a muffle, but it was quickly cut off by a guard harshly saying "Shhhhh!" In the middle of the room was a cell bathed in light. They walked up to the illuminated cell, where the guards unshackled her. The guards walked her up to the cell wall, turned her around and shackled her to the wall. The larger of the two went around to the back of the cell. The other guard grabbed a pole with a hook at the end. There was a latch on either side of the cell. The guard unlatched the latches and as he did this, the floor fell away like trapdoors. Whilst this happened, Alice was slowly being hoisted up. A few seconds later, the smaller guard exited the cell and Alice stopped being hoisted up. The two guards left and it slowly became dark.

What Alice thought was that night, something strange happened. A whole heap of blue eye shaped shining lights appeared. They all dropped down and started heading towards the door. That's when Alice realised that they were eyes! Alice also realised that when one pair came close enough to her cell, that if you looked hard enough, they looked like mini galaxies in them. Alice yelled to the guard at the door to bar it.

"Also, can you please get me down?" Alice asked. The guard was awfully confused, but he knew she could do him no harm. He let her down a little, his footsteps echoing around the room. He unfastened Alice's arms from the chain and ran back to the door. Alice's instincts were telling her to jump down the one of trapdoors. Sometimes her instincts told her to do some silly things, but they were still right.

"Whatever you do, don't let them through the door! They should return to normal soon though. I'll be back!" Alice said, trying to sound cheerful. She jumped down a trapdoor and hoped for the best.

Alice groggily woke up. There was someone sitting next to her, but her eyes hadn't focused yet so she didn't know who was. She slowly tried to sit up.

"Hey, take it easy!" they said harshly.

Alice recognised the voice as a female and it sounded vaguely familiar. But the sudden loud noise gave her a big headache and she groaned. The unknown person cupped their hands and called "Kalik, she's awake!"

Kalik? Alice thought. The name rung a bell, but her head was spinning so she decided that she would sort it out later. As Kalik entered the room, Alice's eyesight had cleared and her headache had lessened a little.

"Kalik....?" Alice tried to say, but it came out as a croak. At that point she realised that her throat was hoarse and dry. "Alice, your awake! Rest for now though."

The person next to Alice was actually her friend Taylah. As she realised this, Taylah said "I'll go get you some water. Wait here. Kalik, you should probably stay here with her." With that, she left.

Time skip, brought to you by the slowpoke, Taylah! (Taylah: Hey!)

Not long after, Taylah came back with some water. Alice shakily took the glass and gulped down some water. However, she did it too fast and started and started coughing. The coughing hurt her head, but at least her throat was clear and not sore any more.

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