Darkness In Paradise Chapter 7: Keyblades

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Later, on the way to the gummi ship. (I love the gummi ship....!)

"Hey Kairi?" Asked Sora.

"Yeah....?" She kept looking forward, but leant her head closer for a moment as she spoke.

"How do you make a keyblade appear....?" He sounded a little nervous and humiliated. She smiled.

"Hold your hand out like this...." Kairi demonstrated herself. "Then, you make your hand do this and viola! Keyblade!" Destiny's Embrace appeared in her hand, and she bowed.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!" She started laughing. Sora, too. Then, when he got his breath back, he tried.

"Hey, hey! I got it!" The normal keyblade appeared in his hand.

"How do you choose which one you want?" He asked. Kairi leaned over to again him.

"You know how this is a game, right? Well, imagine your at the equipment select, and make yourself think that your choosing it that way..." The keyblade disappeared as they kept walking, as there was no imminent danger. They approached the gummi ship, following Donald and Goofy.

"So, where are we headed?" Asked Goofy.

"To Hollow Bastion! Donald Duck to mission control! Come in!" Donald called out. Up high in a box-like room some movement could be seen.

"Chip and Dale, reporting from mission control! Ship is ready for take off!" The door to the gummi ship opened, and everyone started filing in. They took a seat, and buckled themselves in. A picture of Chip (or Dale, Sora and Kairi weren't sure) came up, and they gave a thumbs up. Donald did too, and a countdown started. The door opened, and the lights lit up. However, Kairi knew that they never go out that way, so she held on to her tummy and her seat.

"Might wanna hold on Sora!" said Kairi. Sora held onto his chair, and as soon as he did, they plummeted.

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