True Madness - Bye bye Bats! And Mr J!

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Harley's P.O.V.

We are on a boat, in the middle of a storm. B-man is here and messing everything up! Me an' my Mr J. were supposed to be on a pleasure cruise around Arkham (you know, the usual explosions and pies and laughing.....) and then Bats shows up!

Why does he always have to ruin everything?!?!?

He was about to hit one of Joker's thugs so I decided to have a go."My turn!" I swung my hammer at him, but he ducked and kept going after Joker. The deck was slippery, and rain was beating down on my face. The Joker was now backed up into a corner, with the only exit being the crashing waves of the storm."Mr J.!" I yell in panic. With the raging storm that's around right now, I don't want to lose my lovely Mr J. I swung my hammer at Batman to make him move, and it worked. He looked back and rolled just in time to dodge my attack.

Joker just laughed. That's what I love about Joker. He makes everything into a good situation. Batman jumped at me, and as I went to block the attack for Mr J, he threw me out of the way."Want to go for a swim, my lovely Harley?"

I snapped.

How dare he! He just threw me off the side of the ship! As he let go, I swung my hammer round, and it hit the Joker in the face. He laughed again. Batman landed on top of him, and he just laughed harder. He fell unconscious on the deck of the ship soon after. Then I hit the waves with a splash. 

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